10-Year-Old Who Has Been Rescuing Dogs Since He Was 4 Gets His Own Disney Show

Many kids dream of having the perfect dog, but families who have never had a dog before might not know where to get one. A 10-year-old boy named Roman McConn learned about shelter dogs at an early age, so he knows there’s a great rescue dog for every dog-loving kid. He uses his social media presence to encourage many people to adopt dogs in need.

Roman gained so much popularity that he now has his own TV show on Disney XD! The show is about Roman finding the perfect family for a wide variety of rescue dogs.

Roman playing with rescue dog

Roman’s Mission to Rescue Dogs

Roman’s passion for rescue dogs began when he was just four years old. He lived in Texas and learned that shelters there were so crowded that many dogs had to be put down. His heart broke for the dogs that might never get adopted, so as he got older, he decided to do something about it.

With the help of his family, he launched an organization called Project Freedom Ride in 2016. The organization helps find homes for dogs at risk of euthanasia. They raise money to transport dogs to areas with higher adoption rates. Now, Roman is almost 11 years old, and his passion for saving dogs hasn’t gone away.

Roman video chatting adopters

“We pick ones that have been there the longest and have the saddest story and are less likely to get adopted, like pit bulls, labs, and other big dogs,” said Roman.

For Project Freedom Ride, Roman often creates adoption videos for the dogs to improve their chances of finding homes. With the help of Disney, the Dodo, and several child stars, Roman is turning his mission into a heartwarming series.

Family Adopts Rescue Dog

Disney Follows Roman’s Story

Roman and his family have helped find homes for over 4,200 dogs over the years, and 17 of them are featured on Disney XD’s Roman to the Rescue. The first seven episodes were released in February 2022, and the remaining ten are currently airing.

In each episode, Roman introduces a rescue dog and decides who he thinks would be the perfect kid for that dog. He works with young celebrities to create an adoption video that showcases the dog’s best qualities. Then, after receiving adoption applications, he chooses the family that’s the best fit for the dog. Roman brings the rescue dog to their new family for an emotional meeting.

Dog and kid best friends

“Roman has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of animals for over half his life,” said YuJung Kim from the Dodo. “While being just a normal kid at the end of the day — he loves Legos, ‘Star Wars,’ and playing with his friends — Roman shows us that it’s possible to channel a passion for animals into meaningful change at any age.”

You can watch Roman to the Rescue on Saturdays at 8 pm on Disney XD. It’s also streaming on Hulu.

Watch the First Episode Here:

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