21 Secrets for Finding a Good, Compassionate Veterinarian

How do you find a good, caring, and skilled veterinarian? We asked our community of over 4 million dog lovers on Facebook “What’s your#1 tip for finding a good veterinarian?” Here’s some of the best responses:

What’s your#1 tip for finding a good veterinarian?:

A good vet will will take their time examining your dog; really interact with the dog showing affection. A good vet will take time to answer your questions and will genuinely love animals. I just switched vets because the vet looked at my new puppy for all of two minutes and was running out the door answering my questions very rushy. I also asked why my new puppy had a uti and he was very snippy and said “ We can play guessing games all day , point is he has one treat it. That was it for me. – Carolyn

If they sit on the floor w/my dog when she’s afraid when picked up and put on a steel table. – Tia

When it was time to put my dog down my vet laid on the floor with me and my dog and cried as he passed. Then she told me that she had just buried her husband of many years, we cried together. – Darlene

Ours sent their staff over to help me rescue a feral mama, get her spayed ( at no cost) and I raised her only kitten, who was a beautiful Siamese . They always go above and beyond helping me place rescues too. This has been for 30 years now, and even during the quarantine, Dr. Gary had me come inside and let me hold my very sick Nipper while he passed. Good human beings means so much. – Jane

If they talk soft and give my dog love. The vet I used to take my dog to until I totaled my car is wonderfully. She talks softly to the animals and loves on them like she does her own. She is the best. Also, if we try didn’t have the money to pay the bill she would just tell us pay the bill when you have the money even if it was just $5 here and there – Wendy

After seeing various vets We chose our vet for his moderate approach to our Akitas treatment/care before suggesting the extreme. He is accommodating and not just great with our dogs he is great with all his furry patients. We appreciate him so much. – Jaqueline

By the number of returning pet clients. By the willingness for the office to work you in or come in6 for an emergency vet call.If the receptionists are happy and polite to everyone it always makes the visit seem better. If the vet understands that your pet is a family member, not owned and is really ill that you will want to lay on the floor talking with your dog, crying, and praying to God above to take care of the one you love. – Susan

A vet that is more concerned with getting to know my pet by sitting with them on the floor and letting them smell his face and lick his ears. The whole time this is happening the vet is running his hands all over my pet checking for anything out of the ordinary. He’s more concerned with taking GOOD care of the animals rather than getting rich off of the owners. We have this vet and we love him. – Dot

I don’t like Vets who take my cat on the other room without me. Years ago they would put an IV in in the exam room. Now they take the animals and then the animal is afraid of going to the vet. – Juel

Gut feeling. A down to earth type of vet. Large/livestock and small animal vet. Also having an emergency vet on call. I’m so fortunate to have one.❤Arlene

I knew I had the right vet when I was in an exam room with my dog waiting for him to come in. He walked by a tiny room, which I found out was the X-ray room. He didn’t know I could see him. But he looked into that little room and there was a dog, lying sedated on the table waiting to have an X-ray. The dr went in, stroked him gently and said softly, it’s ok buddy., you’re going to be alright. He was my vet for 25 years. 💕Ebby

Takes the time to engage with you and your pet. You can tell that the vet genuinely loves animals. My dogs go to a local veterinarian clinic and there are 4 doctors. Every doctor there is absolutely excellent. They are more expensive than other vets but they have nearly every piece of diagnostic equipment right there so patients don’t have to run around for more advanced screenings. – Laura

We had a wonderful vet,she sat on the ,talked to you about your pet ,didn’t push procedures or medication,she sold her practice,the new owner was very different. Found a new vet she is very nice,now she very busy,hard to get a appointment,see what happens when you tell people about her. – Carol

Ask your family, friends, and coworkers their vets name and why they trust their fur babies care to them (don’t rely on internet comments, people can have alternative motives for reviews they post). – Lindy

Call around, see if they will let you bring your pet in for a happy visit. Where they can explore the hospital, meet everyone, get lots of treats, and can go multiple times. These visits are often free. Also, know it is ok to shop around for a vet. – Jessica

Find someone who doesn’t treat you like you don’t know your dog. You are with that dog way more then they are, they shouldn’t make you feel stupid – Tricia

Ask your family and friends with dogs whom they recommend! Then, go drop by that vet clinic, and get a feel for the practice. Is it clean? Receptionist friendly? Introduce yourself, and mention that you will have a pup or cat. – Linda

If the first thing anyone does is take my dog “to the back” I’m not likely to go back to that Vet. My dog and I are most comfortable with interacting with the doctor together. – Debbie

Someone that tells you the honest truth about things whether you want yo hear it or not. Also someone that greets my animals first when coming into the room before greeting me. – Terri

Don’t put the dogs to sleep when trim the nails or cut the hair. I just lost mine because of that practice and i am devastated.

if the vet is keeping the dog awake and the dog still loves him/her, that is the one to keep. – Mihai