21 Social Media Posts About Cats & Dogs Deemed Guilty Of Being Cute & Funny 

If cuteness and silliness were a crime, cats and dogs would be the smooth criminals of the world! Just think about it, cats would be the prime purrpetrators in the land of cute capers while dogs would find themselves collared for being absolutely darling. And because they did the crime, let’s sentence those cuties to life in a forever home where the treats don’t stop. That’s definitely a punishment that fits the crime!

But lucky for us, being cute ain’t a crime, and social media is loaded down with kitties and pups being funny while flexing their powers of adorability. So, because we love the furry ones, we’ve rounded up this week’s best social media posts deemed guilty of greatness!

21 Social Media Posts About Cats & Dogs Guilty Of Being Cute & Funny

#1 – No need to question it.

#2 – You better fill that buggy for Bungalo…

#3 – I’ll take that poison willingly. No crime here.

#4 – Dogs have bed-hogging down to an art.

#5 – The last one…

#6 – “There is no easy way from the couch to the food bowl.” – Seneca’s Dog

#7 – And same.

#8 – Guilty of manipulation and being adorable in the first degree…

#9 – Get ready for the best cat name ever…

#10 – That’s one way to stop surprise visits.

#11 – My living room is littered with those urges…

#12 – Funny ain’t a crime!

#13 – Fighting hate with cats!

#14 – Comfort ain’t a crime either.

#15 – Glad to know I’m not the only one.

#16 – A golden and pure talent…

#17 – Looks like a big dish of spicy purrito.

#18 – Dogs (and cats) have been committing the same crimes since ancient times…

#19 – An outstanding hire.

#20 – Just a couple of truths for you…

#21 – There’s nothing to be said about this cat tweet because it’s purrfect

There’s no crime in needing more furry fun in your life! So, go ahead and Get Inspired By Cats & Dogs With These 21 Funny Social Media Posts!

Feature Image: @TranslatedCats/Twitter & @dog_rates/Twitter