25 Food Recommendations for Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Bulldog! We asked our 800,000 members from Bulldog community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Bulldog with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Bulldog’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

25 Best Foods for a Bulldog with a Sensitive Tummy

That Rachael rays dog food is good for a sick stomach,but it’s exspensive.

Author: Julie R.

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We use Purina Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach turkey and oatmeal flavor. It seems to work well for my boy and it isn’t too expensive in my opinion.

Author: Jennifer Simon G.

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BIL JACK is the best it doesn’t swell up it dissolves and you can change from another food and doesn’t affect the change. Try a small bag fisrt. I strongly recommend . My Remy loved it . Hopefully shes still eating it in Doggie Heaven. She left me 6 months ago and miss her so much

Author: Patricia I.

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My bulldog has severe stomach sensitivity and skin allergies and this food is the only one he tolerates and he like it so win-win!

Author: Shannon S.

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Make your own. I use leg quarters sweet potatoes carrots and rice add 1 can of salmon or mackerel. Good for stomach less farting and no runny stool. Also good for skin issues as well.

Author: J.d. B.

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They are all so different but we have used Royal Canin English bulldog for years now.

Author: Tracy Rounsavall T.

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Zignature salmon and trout

Author: Jeremy F.

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The vet told me to give ours Chappie

Author: Diane H.

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Honest Kitchen. It’s pricey, but saved my boy’s life. Can only get it from website, Chewy or Amazon

Author: Phyllis G.

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Fresh pet, fresh pet, either chicken or the more ground up one with chicken

Author: Kim M.

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I went through a year of stomach issues with my bulldog until I fed him Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain. He never had another issue. He lived to be 12 1/2 and never went to the vet for anything but shots. I currently have an 11 year old English bulldog and an almost 15 year old golden retriever that have never had any health issues at all and they eat the same thing.

Author: Alysia Meholick S.

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I had the same issue with my dog. I put her on Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Health. It’s been awesome.

Author: Susan C.

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We use 4 Health from Tractor Supply. Both our bulldogs ate it and no issues. Plus, it’s a good real meat dog food

Author: Chad B.

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We use wellness ocean core. I call it fish food. My boy can not eat any type of meat but fish or it’s a hot mess

Author: Tricia S.

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We do blue buffalo (lamb and brown rice) not saying it’s the one for everyone but we’ve noticed his bowel movements are more regular and his coat is healthier

Author: Bretton L.

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Taste of the wild

Author: Keith W.

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We feed ours Royal Canin for bulldogs.

Author: Jane M.

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I had to put mine on Natural Balance after she got bloat

Author: Teresa N.

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My bulldog gets Nulo adult weight management kibble, which is chicken & sweet potato flavor. His cookies are Blue Buffalo. He gets raw carrot also.

Author: Ellen Dennis F.

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Try making your own. We did for ours and all his allergies have cleared up.Brown rice, fresh sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, and spinach. For the protein lean white chicken breast boiled.

Author: Judy R.

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Mine had a REALLY sensitive stomach. I used to make brown rice, matchstick carrots, spinach and browned ground Turkey. Used to put the spinach and carrots in a food processor to make them a little easier to digest, then cook them with the Turkey. Works very well and very healthy!!

Author: Michael M.

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Natural Balance L.I.D. bison and sweet potato is what we give our bullies. Took a while to find a brand that agreed with both of them.

Author: Bill G.

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Ava sensitive skin and stomach. Both my bulldogs now have solid bowl movements and no more farting……. hallelujah

Author: Rebecca J.

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Lamb and rice. Blue Buffalo makes a good one.

Author: Annette G.

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Natural Balance brand, helped mine live to be 13 years old before passing

Author: Mario I.

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