25 Guilty Dogs Who Have No Regrets

Even the best-behaved dogs like to cause trouble now and then. And no matter how naughty they are, we always forgive them because they’re adorable. While dogs misbehaving might be frustrating in the moment, it’s funny to look back on your dog’s mischievous habits.

“Dog shaming” has become a popular trend on social media. Photos and memes of guilty dogs are always hilarious, but most of those pups don’t seem to regret their actions. If anything, they just love the extra attention that their photos are giving them. These 25 canines are perfect examples.

#1 – When you’re determined to get somewhere, anything is possible!

Kool-Aid Dog
Image: @willthescreenguy/Facebook

#2 – Well, that explains why he’s sleeping so peacefully now.

Guilty Runaway Dog
Image: @ForAllDogkind/Facebook

#3 – Maybe he just wanted to sing along.

Dog barks during piano lesson
Image: @ForAllDogkind/Facebook

#4 – In this case, hiding the evidence only made him look more guilty.

Dog eats everything
Image: Imgur

#5 – Be careful. Two canine troublemakers might scheme against you.

Pair of canine troublemakers
Image: @dogshaminguk/Facebook

#6 – He looks very proud of himself!

jealous dog pees
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#7 – Clearly, he doesn’t want his mom traveling anywhere without him!

Dog eats passport
Image: @ForAllDogkind/Facebook

#8 – Unlike the other guilty dogs, this pup is very sorry for his actions.

Dog sits on cat
Image: Imgur

#9 – How could anyone be mad at that cute face?

Guilty dog eats carpet
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#10 – He did the only logical thing!

Dog jumps for KFC chicken
Image: @spotlightstoriesofficial/Facebook

#11 – Is a peaceful sleep too much to ask for?

Dog loud fart
Image: Imgur

#12 – Oh no, don’t share his deepest, darkest secrets!

Dog licks toads
Image: @ForAllDogkind/Facebook

#13 – Your first time flying is never easy.

Dog pooped at TSA
Image: @dogshaminguk/Facebook

#14 – This Bulldog just wants someone to free him!

troublemaking Bulldog locked away
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#15 – Some dogs have to learn lessons the hard way.

Sneaky Chihuahua hack
Image: @PureCountry917/Facebook

#16 – Now that takes dedication!

Dog steals hamburger
Image: @hilarious.ted1/Facebook

#17 – This dog looks like he’s haunted by his mistakes.

Guilty dog eats princesses
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#18 – These proud dogs certainly aren’t picky eaters.

Dogs eat everything
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#19 – At least he’s consistent.

Dog chews left shoes only
Image: Imgur

#20 – They were just trying to help decorate!

Dogs make mess outside
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#21 – Waiting for their humans to wake up was never an option.

Pug brothers escape
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#22 – Sometimes you have to turn a bad situation into a good one.

Dog growth chart
Image: Imgur

#23 – Caught in the act!

Chihuahua licks couch
Image: Imgur

#24 – He thought he got locked in the bedroom by mistake. But for some reason, his humans aren’t happy with his critical thinking skills!

Dog chews through door
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

#25 – They fell asleep at the scene of the crime.

Dogs sleeping in ripped bed
Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook

It’s unclear if dogs feel guilt like we do. But even if they don’t, they still know how to make some very guilty faces! It’s easy to feel angry at them at first, but afterward, it’s something that you’ll certainly laugh at. Working on training with your dog can help them stay out of trouble, but they might still do sneaky things now and then. Perhaps they’re smart enough to know that you can’t stay mad at adorable puppy dog eyes.

H/T: boredpanda.com
Featured Image: @TheViralGroup/Facebook