33 Funny & Unique Dachshund Names (with PICS!)

Looking for an usual, funny or unique name for your dachshund puppy? Whether you’re looking for a male dachshund name or female dachshund name, we think you’ll find some great options below. Plus some adorable bonus pics!

Special thanks to members of our I Love My Dachshund community for submitting these dachshund name ideas!

33 Unusual, Creative & Humorous Dachshund Names Ideas

This is Farrah Pawcett. She came with her name from the shelter. It fits her perfectly because she is the most beautiful girl 💕 – Rae


My family likes to name their dogs after Gods so we had a Hercules! When we walked him and called out his name people would laugh because he such a small dog with a big personality. Hercules fit him. – Dachshund Name submitted by: Shannon

This is my daughters baby, he is a chiweenie. His named is “Bratwurst”. My 2 year old grandson calls him Bob. – Dachshund Name submitted by:  Marie 

My youngest daughter got this puppy when she turned 5- and named her Red Heart Rainbow Glitter Sparkle Unicorn Molly Polly Louisa Brown. I kid you not. We call her Molly❤️ – Dachshund Name submitted by: Stina

This is, Vinny aka Vienna Hot dog. He was named after our famous Chicago hot dog staple. He’s the sweetest lil guy and we love him dearly. – Dachshund Name submitted by: Jeanie

This is our sweet boy Mr. Noodle aka Noodle, Noods, noodle doodle, etc. named after Elmo’s sidekick on Sesame Street and well, a spaghetti noodle. He also has his own hashtags #SendNoods and #DailyNoods – Dachshund Name submitted by: Lindsay

This is my Hopper! Named because he always “hops” before he starts walking anywhere. Two little hops. He is the sweetest. ❤ – Dachshund Name submitted by: Jeannete

This was our Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. He was the sweetest and we lost him a year ago and are still heartbroken. Miss our sweet boy so much!💔❤️🐾  – Dachshund Name submitted by: Denise

This is Tootsie Roll. I call her Tootsie or Tootsie Girl. She just recently recovered from a back injury. She’s going on 5 years old and I’ve had her since she was a puppy ❤ – Dachshund Name submitted by: Matilda

This is Gus Gus, like the chunky mouse on Cinderella. He’s our sweet 5 month old wire haired boy! – Dachshund Name submitted by: Aimee

This is Buffy aka Buffy the badger slayer. She just turned 10 weeks. Her name seems to suit her as she can be vicious with her sharp puppy teeth. – Dachshund Name submitted by: Alison

This is Dixicupp. I first named her Dixi but she was so cute and so tiny just like a little Dixie Cup! The name stuck, she’s my little Dixicupp. – Dachshund Name submitted by: Laurie

This is Elroy. He also known as Bubs or snuggle butts. – Dachshund Name submitted by: Kate

My little girl’s name is. “NuForest Baroness Kinky von Twinkles”. We call her “Twinkles”. She was born with a kink in her tail. 😃 – Dachshund Name submitted by: Margie

This is Fancy. Our granddaughter thought her rhinestone collar was diamonds and said she must be a Fancy dog! – Dachshund Name submitted by: Susie