5 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Bonded To You

If you recently adopted a dog, you might be wondering whether or not they’re already bonded to you. Some dogs may be so grateful to be adopted that they’ll bond to you almost immediately. Other dogs are shy or may have had a rough life prior to meeting you, so they may take a little longer to warm up. Here are 5 signs that your dog is bonded to you.

#1 – They don’t try to race out the door

If your dog is bonded to you, they will be curious about the outside, but they won’t dash out the door every time you open it in a desperate attempt to get far away. They should mind you when you tell them to sit and stay before opening the door. This is also a great way for your dog to meet visitors so they don’t get rewarded for jumping up on people.

#2 – They rest their head on you

Not all dogs enjoy a full-on snuggle fest, but if your dog rests their head on your lap or foot, that’s a sure sign that they trust you and are bonded to you. Putting their head in your personal space could be deemed a threat if they didn’t trust you.

#3 – They give you puppy dog eyes

A dog that isn’t bonded to you may not look at you much at all, especially if they’re frightened. You’ll know your dog is bonded to you when they give you those giant puppy dog eyes filled with love and affection.

#4 – They miss you

Does your dog get excited when you come home? An indifferent dog won’t care whether or not you’re home, but a bonded dog will jump for joy every time they see you. Some dogs will even miss you during the length of time it takes you to shower!

#5 – They mind you

Training can be difficult, and some dog breeds are more stubborn than others. However, a dog that is truly bonded to you will try really hard to learn what you expect of them and will follow the rules the best they know how. They will walk by your side instead of pulling on the leash and they’ll come when called. They live to please you.

Creating a bond:

If you and your rescued dog haven’t bonded yet, don’t fret. Time will help build your dog’s trust and love for you. A regular feeding and exercise schedule with lots of play and training time will help your dog feel bonded to you in time.