8-Year-Old Pokemon Trainer Sells Card Collection To Save His Puppy’s Life

Update 6/2/2021 –

After 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann sold his Pokemon cards to pay for his beloved puppy’s medical bills, the Pokemon company was touched. Most Pokemon fans wouldn’t be willing to give up their prized possessions so easily, so it speaks volumes about how much Bryson cares about his dog Bruce. So, Pokemon sent Bryson several Pokemon card decks and a copy of Pokemon Battle Academy to make up for the cards he sold.

Bryson and puppy
Image: Kimberly Woodruff Facebook

“Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell,” Pokemon wrote in a letter.

Right now, Pokemon cards are hard to find in stores due to popular demand. Stores like Target and Walmart have even stopped selling them due to fights breaking out. So, this gift is extra special. Of course, no amount of Pokemon cards will be better than having a healthy puppy though.

“I’m happy he’s home, and I’m proud of myself. Now my brother and sister are playing with him too, and now I’m really playing with him pretty often,” said Bryson.

Parvo puppy recovery
Image: Kimberly Woodruff Facebook

Bryson’s family ended up raising nearly $6,000 for Bruce’s parvo treatment. Since that’s much more than they anticipated, they will be using the extra money to pay for Bruce’s future vaccinations and to help other dogs in the community.

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We all have passions in life. And for eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann, it’s Pokemon. He has a large collection of Pokemon cards that includes some of the valuable originals. Normally, he’d refuse to give up his beloved collection, but Pokemon isn’t nearly as important as his puppy named Bruce.

When Bruce got incredibly sick, Bryson’s family couldn’t pay for the vet bills. So, without hesitation, the boy decided to sell his prized possessions to save his furry friend’s life. Thanks to the boy’s hard work, Bruce is alive and doing better than ever.

Boy displaying Pokemon cards
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A Great Sacrifice

Bryson was organizing his Pokemon cards when he noticed that Bruce wasn’t acting like his usual playful self. He hid in his crate and seemed lethargic. After a visit to the vet, Bruce was diagnosed with parvo, a gastrointestinal illness that can be fatal to puppies if not treated. But the treatment was around $700, which was more than the family could afford.

“It made me kind of sad because usually my brother and sister play together and I don’t have anybody to play with. So, I usually play with him,” Bryson said about Bruce.

Puppy with parvo
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Bryson refused to let money problems end his best friend’s life. Pokemon cards are increasing in value recently, and many stores are consistently sold out of them. So, Bryson set up a stand outside his house to sell his collection. Bryson’s dad sent a photo of the Pokemon card booth to the boy’s mom.

“I know everybody likes Pokémon cards so I just decided to sell them,” Bryson said.

Pokemon cards for sale
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Pokemon Saves the Puppy

Of course, Bryson’s family didn’t want him to lose all his cherished Pokemon cards. Bryson earned $65 after one night of selling cards, but then, his family decided to find the remainder of the expenses themselves. Bryson’s mom shared the photo of his booth on social media, and she made a GoFundMe to help raise the remaining payments.

People quickly fell in love with the boy’s heartwarming efforts to save his dog. So, donations began flooding in like crazy. The GoFundMe ended up raising $1,900, which is way more than they’d anticipated. Thanks to all the generous people, Bruce was treated, and now he’s feeling better than ever!

Boy selling Pokemon cards
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“I was so happy because I really wanted to get him back,” Bryson said.

Perhaps Bryson can use the extra money to replace the Pokemon cards he sold. Or maybe the family will save it to make sure Bruce stays safe for the rest of his life. After all, there’s no bond like the one between a boy and his dog. And Bryson’s dedication shows that perfectly.

Pokemon fan saves parvo puppy
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