A Box Was Dumped At Shelter And The Smell Was ‘Horrible’ But Yet They Had To Open It

Shelter workers found a mysteriously taped up box on their doorstep. They were appalled when they heard desperate cries for help coming from inside. As they tried to open the package, they instantly registered the putrid rotten smell that emanated from within.


Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet/YouTube


The smell was coming from a creature that broke their hearts into a thousand pieces. The workers were shocked to find a living, breathing puppy crammed inside the box in a panicked state. The dog, later named Pandora, was covered in strange wounds and her fur was so filthy and matted that she could hardly move.


Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet/YouTube



The workers shaved off her fur to get a better look at her injuries. They realized that the rotten smell was not from “infected wounds”, but from big and small lumps that covered her body. She was given a cleansing bath and prepped up for surgery.


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