Adoptable Dog Dashes Through Two Tunnels And Two States Before He’s Caught

Bailey, a seven-month-old German Shepherd mix, broke out of a backyard in Brooklyn and went on an epic nine-day adventure. (If you’re going to become a “runaway,” you might as well make it worth your while!)

The seven-month-old German Shepherd/Akita mix was ambitious, despite his young age, and managed to give his trainer and rescuers quite the run for their money.


Over the course of his nine-day adventure, brave Bailey managed to cross a river, traverse two tunnels, and enter another state before he was finally found. Bailey was first spotted on the day he escaped, attempting to swim across the Gowanus Bay (which connects to the East River). But the current was incredibly strong, and Bailey barely made it to the other side. Luckily, a nearby paddleboarder spotted him in time, herded him to shore, and saved his life.

“Once I knew he didn’t die in the water, that’s what I was afraid of…I figured one way or the other, we’re gonna find him,” said Harriet Zucker, Bailey’s trainer and the director of Red Hook Dog Rescue.

Bailey in tunnel

Then, almost a week later, drivers spotted him inside the Brooklyn Tunnel, crossing into Manhattan. In a video that’s currently circulating on social media, Bailey can be seen running alongside traffic in the tunnel with a police vehicle following closely behind him. (You can check it out below.) Just watching it will make your heart pound faster!

After making it into Manhattan, Bailey traversed the Holland Tunnel and scampered straight through to New Jersey.

Bailey Rescue

This expert marathoner, who escaped from a backyard in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, managed to evade rescuers multiple times, running all the way from New York to New Jersey before he was successfully saved. Port Authority Police continued to tail Bailey until they were finally able to collect him from a high ledge of a HomeDepot parking garage in Jersey City, NJ.

“He’s insane, he’s incredible. He’s got the record,” joked Harriet.

Bailey at vet

Now, Bailey, the doggie daredevil, is finally safe and sound. The young running enthusiast is resting and recovering at Vet Emergency and Referral Group in Brooklyn, where he is being treated for a wound on his leg.

Despite his lengthy adventure, Bailey managed to escape with barely any injuries. And, lucky for anyone looking for a high-energy running partner, Bailey will be taking on his next incredible adventure, which is finding a forever family.