Adorable Shelter Pup Does A Happy Dance When Told She’s Getting Adopted

The Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio, has dedicated itself to finding families for homeless shelter pets since 1973. A non-profit, no-kill shelter with impressive adoption rates, Wayne County Humane has been described as a great place with wonderful people.

One such wonderful person is Joe Kay, an adoption coordinator, and self-described “dog person.” Kay runs a popular TikTok channel dedicated to the shelter pets he cares for.

His channel, @adoptingdogs, is an outlet for sharing the “ins and outs” of shelter life. In his videos, Kay shares fun tips and advice for those looking to adopt, but his most pup-ular videos, by far, are those that share the stories of the animals in his care.


One such story is that of Clementine, an adorable female Pomeranian. Clementine was given her name by students at The College of Wooster. While we don’t know the whole story of what led to her arrival at the shelter, we do know that her bright, fun personality has brought joy to many since.

Clementine’s impressive dance moves were undoubtedly one of the many reasons she was adopted so quickly. Kay shared Clementine with his TikTok followers, who instantly fell in love with the fluffy, dancing pup.

In this viral video, which has since received over one million likes, Clementine can be seen dancing, spinning, and jumping for joy when she sees Kay coming down the walkway with an orange sign that reads “Adopted! Please Hold.”

Once Kay stops in front of her kennel, Clementine becomes so excited that it appears she may jump right out of her own skin! Kay can be heard celebrating with her, explaining to the adorable pup that she has been chosen to be part of a fur-ever family.


Followers of the channel were unashamedly emotional from the video, leaving comments that celebrated Clementine’s adoption. Many expressed their hopes that the other dogs in the background of the video will get to celebrate their own adoptions soon.

“How do you do this every day without breaking down, man?” said one user, “I’m watching your videos and crying like a baby, and I never cry.”

In a later video, Kay reports that the dog kennels were completely empty, indicating that all available pets had been adopted. And while this is AMAZING news for all the previous residents who now have forever homes, it also frees up space for the Wayne County Humane Society to take in more homeless pets.

Clementine has now been with her new family for nearly eight weeks and, according to all accounts, is settling in wonderfully. She now goes by the name Miss Willow and, in a photo from her new owner, looks happy as can be.


Keep dancing, Miss Willow!