Adorable Texas Pup Asks Facebook Users For Help Finding Long Lost Siblings

In October 2015, a little puppy named Frito was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes, a rescue. He was there with his six siblings: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy and Aspen. All of the puppies were adopted into loving forever homes, each separately, so they have been separated since. Frito is in desperate need of playdates, so his owners thought they’d reach out to Facebook on his behalf. They’re hoping to find the rest of his puppy family to reunite them for a playdate!

Texas Humane Heroes shared Frito’s photo searching for his siblings and so far they’ve had good luck. Raven has been located and is in on the reunion! We all agree that this will probably be the cutest reunion to ever have happened, especially since everyone can see how all of the puppies have grown and changed. We definitely hope that video is taken and shared with the rest of the internet because it’s going to be awesome.

Frito’s entire litter. Image source: Texas Humane Heroes | Facebook

If you know any of Frito’s siblings, make sure to spread the word. They were all adopted from Texas Humane Heroes around October 2015 and hopefully have stayed with those forever families since. It would be great for the pups to be able to see each other again and hopefully strike up some lasting playmates!

UPDATE: It seemed unlikely, but Frito’s littermates were found, and the pups got to have an amazing family reunion!

Six of the seven pups were able to attend the party, play together and reconnect!

“Because of you, Frito was able to reunite with five of his brothers and sisters as well as his mom this past Saturday, February 18th. A special thanks to Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Gigi’s Cupcakes of Cedar Park, TX, and Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Cedar Park for helping make the event extra special!”

See all the photos at Texas Humane Heroes’ Facebook page!