After 7-Year Journey, Savannah Becomes First Dog To Walk Around The World

In 2015, Tom Turcich started a journey to walk around the world. A few months in, he decided that he needed a partner for his adventure, so he adopted a puppy named Savannah. The pair have been traveling the world for the past seven years, and their expedition has now come to a satisfying end.

There were a few challenges along the way, including the pandemic and other sicknesses, but Turcich never gave up. Donations from his followers kept him going, and Savannah was always excited to continue walking. Now, getting used to living in one place will be an adjustment for both of them.

Man and dog traveling the world

First Dog To Walk Around the World

Turcich started the journey from his home in New Jersey, and he just kept going from there. He spent nine years planning before he began walking. When Savannah was a puppy, he pushed her in a cart as he walked. But once she grew up, she walked beside him as much as possible.

The duo walked across six continents and 38 countries, walking between 18 and 24 miles each day. They spent most of their nights camping in a tent.

Man and dog in tent

Turcich started by walking from the United States to Mexico and then through Central America and South America. Then, they briefly entered the tip of Antarctica before traveling to Europe and continuing their journey from there. They got stuck in Asia for a while during the pandemic, and once travel restrictions lifted, they flew to Seattle and headed back to New Jersey.

Traveling to different countries with a dog can be tricky, but Turcich spent lots of time researching the paperwork he needed. Plus, he was able to be patient if things didn’t go as planned. He wasn’t in a rush to get from one place to another, and he would never enter a country if Savannah couldn’t come.

Duo traveling the world

Adjusting to a New Life

Now, after seven years away, Turcich is back in New Jersey with his friends and family. He became the 10th person on record to walk around the world, and Savannah is the first dog to do so.

“It was very surreal,” Turcich said. “I had imagined what the ending would be like for a long time. And when it happened, there were people lining the streets and walking with me. The primary emotion was just relief. This had dominated my life for 15 years, and to finally be able to kind of put it behind me was amazing.”

Traveling duo in Turkey

Turcich said he was first inspired to walk around the world after his friend passed away. Their death reminded him that life is short, so he decided to go for it.

All Savannah has known is traveling, so it will take her some time to adjust to life in one place. Savannah still walks four miles a day, and she seems happy to go home and take a nap after. Turcich said he’s relieved to be done traveling for now, and he’s eager to get into a rhythm in New Jersey again.

Man and dog adventure

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