After Russians Shelled Her City, She Feared She’d Never See Her Dog Again

The extremely emotional moment a woman reunites with her beloved dog is melting hearts as the video makes its way across the internet. Her precious pup, Jack, ran away during the recent shelling of their Ukrainian city by Russian forces.

Lucky for us, a veteran-run rescue group called K9 Global Rescue was able to capture the beautiful moment on camera.


It’s common for dogs to make a mad dash when frightened by loud noises. In fact, 30% more pets become lost between July 4th and 6th than any other time of year. So it’s not too surprising that Jack went missing once the shelling started. 

What is surprising is that after being missing for a month, Jack not only returned but managed to find his way back home. 

Lucky for him and his mom, Jack was found by K9 Global Rescue. The group of veterans’ main mission is to save dogs from inhumane treatment worldwide.

“Although we had never met and spoke two completely different languages, it was clear that we fully understood each other. Knowing that we were able to bring a lost soul home to their family is so gratifying,” said one of the veteran volunteers from K9 Global Rescue.

Reunited with Jack

As they were making their way through the outskirts of the village, Jack was found skinny and scared, scampering around all on his own. Then, in a serendipitous twist of fate, the group just so happened to be handing out dog food to residents in the area where Jack lived when a neighbor recognized him and went to get his owner.

In the viral footage, Jack is released from a crate in the back of their truck before running straight to his mom. Obviously, she was overwhelmed with emotions after not seeing her beloved boy for a long, worrisome month. 

Mom and Jack

“As I showed her the animals up front, she was saying that there were many lost animals in the village just wandering around who had lost their homes. When I opened up the back doors, she gasped, took a step back, and said ‘JACK?? She went back into the house to go get the older lady and bring her outside to see the dogs. When the old lady saw him, she started welling up,” said K9 Global Rescue.

After shedding some tears, Jack’s mom shouts a grateful “I Love you” to the rescuers as she hugs them tight and thanks them for the part they played in Jack’s journey back home.

How amazing is it that the group just so happened to be called to help the residents where Jack and his family lived? They’re reunited, and it feels so good!

Featured Images:  Youtube