American Vet Continues Saving Animals After Returning From Ukraine

After the COVID-19 lockdown, veterinarian Dr. Krista Magnifico promised herself that she’d no longer be afraid to do things she’s passionate about. Of course, one thing she always feels compelled to do is save animals. So, when she heard about animals struggling during the Ukraine invasion, she followed through with her promise.

Magnifico spent two weeks in Ukraine, trying to help as many animals as possible. While she made a big impact, there’s still so much to be done. Despite returning home to the United States, Magnifico continues to support the pets of Ukraine as much as she can, and she urges others to do the same.

Vet saving Ukraine dogs

An Eye-Opening Journey

Magnifico left her job in Maryland behind for two weeks to help pets in Ukraine. She brought suitcases full of supplies and medications, and she used them to help rescue and treat animals while she was there. Many pets hadn’t been spayed/neutered, and they were desperate for food and other resources.

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“I guess I sort of felt compelled to go. It’s hard for me to explain kind of rationally why I went, but there was this huge need,” Magnifico said.

Vet hugging Ukraine cat

Magnifico and a team of rescuers took as many dogs as they could across the border into Romania. The 12 dogs she saved will be adopted once they finish going through medical treatment. She also helped care for hundreds of other dogs in overcrowded shelters, but moving them to a different country is a difficult process.

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Now, Magnifico is back caring for her patients at the Jarrettsville Veterinary Center in Harford County, Maryland. But her work in Ukraine isn’t over. She plans to return later to provide more care to the homeless animals.

Ukraine Dog Holding Hand

Supporting Ukraine From a Distance

Since Magnifico can’t care for dogs in Maryland and Ukraine simultaneously, she’s found a way to compromise. She has set up a GoFundMe page to raise as much money as possible for Ukrainian animals affected by the Russian invasion. Seeing the suffering pets first-hand has made her even more passionate about making a difference.

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Dogs at Ukraine shelter

“The degree of difficulty for everybody and everything there is just at a level that people just can’t understand unless you live it,” Dr. Magnifico said. “They’re really going into the most dangerous places and then bringing (the animals) back to their compound, or any of the shelters that are local, in an effort to try to get them treated and out of the country.”

Magnifico remains in touch with the people she worked with in Ukraine. She said it’s frustrating to know about the suffering and not be able to help with all of it, but that won’t stop her from doing as much as she can.

If you’d like to help the dogs struggling in Ukraine, consider donating to Magnifico’s GoFundMe.

Vet feeding dogs in Ukraine

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