Angry Mob Swarms House Of Dog Abuser

In Bat Yam, Israel, a bitter ex-boyfriend unjustly took his anger out on an innocent Husky mix named Taylor. Footage of the abuse, which involved the man tying the dog’s legs and beating him, soon went viral. Naturally, citizens did not take well to seeing these horrifying acts. A mob of around 200 people formed outside of the abuser’s residence within hours.

You can watch the footage here, but be warned that it’s extremely disturbing.

WARNING: depicts abuse. Click for photo. Dennis Charkov via Facebook

Local police eventually had to “smuggle” Morrison out through a window to keep him from the furious mob. They then arrested him and brought him in for questioning.


First and foremost: Taylor was recovered. A veterinarian from the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Dagnit Ben-Dov, said Taylor is fortunately doing just fine under their care.


“The dog is receiving lots of care, pets, warmth, and love in our facility. It turns out the dog has very good and strong character, and he’s very grateful.”

After he completes rehab and treatment at the facility and the Animal Welfare Division signs off on it, they will transfer Taylor to an animal welfare organization.

Concerns Over How Animal Cruelty Is Enforced

Mob justice may seem satisfying in the moment, but there should be simpler ways to punish animal abusers. Bat Yam Mayor Tzvika Brot said the footage horrified her, but she appreciates the police for stepping in.

“I was shocked to see the horrific videos that recently circulated social media, and I would like to thank the Bat Yam Police for a good job. We will do everything in our power to punish the culprit for his horrible offense.”


MK Yulia Malinovsky proposed a bill that would worsen punishments for animal abusers. As a dog lover herself, she emphasized the importance of enforcing these punishments.

“There are those who will say ‘why do I deal with dogs when humans suffer?’ To my perception, human society is also measured in relation to the helpless and animals and yes, especially in these times we must reveal compassion and humanity to those who depend on us.”

Another law MK Zvi Hauser proposed would force animal abusers to compensate animal welfare groups for their rescue efforts too. The abuse Taylor suffered should never happen to any dog. But hopefully, the momentum to increase punishments and consistent enforcement continues.

H/T: The Jerusalem Post
Featured Image: @Dennischarkov/Facebook, @Israel.Ministry.of.Agriculture/Facebook