Blind Husky’s Malamute Brother Is His Unofficial Guide Dog

Some dogs are a human’s best friend. Others are a dog’s best friend. Canine brothers Sterling and Walker have proved that two dogs can be just as close as a dog and a person. This has been especially true ever since Sterling became blind.

Losing his sight was a scary and stressful process for Sterling, but Walker was with him every step of the way. Now, Sterling still gets to enjoy all the fun things he did when he could see because he has so many loved ones to support him. Walker often helps guide his brother around, so his humans consider him an unofficial seeing-eye dog for Sterling.

Couple with rescued dogs

Sterling and Walker

Sterling is a Siberian Husky while Walker is an Alaskan Malamute. Both pups are rescue dogs that Lillian and Martin McKee adopted from Texas Sled Dog Rescue. They adopted them about a year apart from each other, and it didn’t take long for the two dogs to form a special bond. They’re close in age, and they love exploring new places together.

“Walker was actually quite scared of new things when I got him but he learned from Sterling that life in the big world could be fun and not so scary, that car rides lead to fun things and places, and that people, even scary men, can give lots of love and attention,” Lillian said. “We moved to Seattle about six and a half years ago, and the boys’ bond grew even stronger with more outdoor adventures.”

Blind dog and brother by cherry blossoms

But then, in June 2018, the couple saw that Sterling’s eyes looked cloudy. After visiting the vet, Sterling was diagnosed with an eye condition, and his vision continued to worsen. Lillian and Martin preserved Sterling’s eyesight for as long as possible. They even bought special dog goggles to protect his eyes, but eventually, he became blind.

After Sterling’s first procedure, his humans could tell he was feeling sad. So, they let him and Walker play at the beach that day, and Sterling instantly perked up again.

Blind dog with brother

Together Forever

Even though Sterling has lost his eyesight, he doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying life. If anything, it has made his bond stronger with all his family members. He still goes on hikes, and Walker helps guide Sterling when needed.

“Sterling bumps Walker often, and Walker usually just gets up and moves. Or if Walker sees Sterling coming his way, he will get up and move. I don’t know if he actually knows Sterling is blind because he still follows Sterling’s lead on a lot of things, but he is incredibly considerate of Sterling, so he either knows and just respects Sterling or just respects Sterling as an older sibling,” said Lillian.

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With Walker by Sterling’s side, everything has been much easier for the blind pup. They do everything together, and they’ve gained a large following over the years. Sterling was a therapy dog before he lost his vision, and he continues to make others smile through his story and social media presence.

To keep up with Sterling and Walker’s adventures, you can follow them on Instagram!

Blind dog on adventure

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