Bonded Senior Pit Bulls Get “Married” In Hopes Of Getting Adopted Together

Fran and Earl have tied the knot! The two senior Pit Bulls are a bonded pair that hope to be adopted together. It’s hard enough for one senior Pit Bull to find a home, but anyone willing to take two is a saint. So, to increase the pair’s chances of adoption, the shelter decided to host a “wedding” for them to get them some extra attention.

Now that Fran and Earl’s love has been shared publicly, they’re hoping to find a forever home together. But who will give them a comfortable space to live out their senior years?

Fran and Earl wedding party

At Least They Have Each Other

Fran is about 10 years old, and Earl is about 12. The two were surrendered together because their family could no longer support their medical bills. It’s a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved, but Fran and Earl seem overjoyed to have each other.

Homeward Animal Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota, hopes that these two can be adopted together, but finding people to adopt one, let alone two senior dogs isn’t easy. So, to increase their odds, the shelter staff planned an adorable wedding for the loving canine pair.

Pit Bull Proposes

To get the event started, Earl proposed to Fran with a sign that says, “Will You Marry Me?” Of course, Fran said yes without hesitation!

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“After all these years together, Earl finally decided to pop the big question… and she said, YES! That’s right, folks, Fran & Earl are officially ENGAGED! Fran can’t stop grinning from ear-to-ear and is already planning the wedding. Earl is just happy she said yes. Cheers to the happy couple!” Homeward Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

Fran and Earl Married

Tying the Knot!

Fran and Earl decided to have a small ceremony with some of their closest friends. Their wedding party included fellow adoptable dogs: Stella, Rosie, Koda, and Brute. The couple supported a lot of local businesses for other aspects of the wedding, such as the flowers, photography, and cake.

The two lovebirds spent lots of time getting ready, so they could look their best. The shelter team helped get everything set up and then walked the dogs down the aisle. A human even officiated their wedding.

Dog marriage ceremony

“We want people to see how great these dogs are. They’re sweet and lovable dogs. They deserve the best home and love. They are just incredible,” said Heather Klefstad with the Homeward Animal Shelter.

After the ceremony, the happy couple got to enjoy a canine-friendly cake. They also took many adorable photos with their wedding party.

Canine couple sharing cake

Next Up: A Forever Home!

Now that Fran and Earl’s wedding has caught the attention of many dog lovers, they’re hoping it’ll help them find a forever family next. Both dogs are easy-going, but despite their age, they still have a playful side.

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They do well with cats, other dogs, and kids, but since they can have a lot of aches and pains as seniors, they need to be with kids who are gentle and respectful of their boundaries. They also prefer any canine siblings to not be dominant because Fran likes to be in charge.

Fran and Earl together

If you or someone you know is interested in giving Fran and Earl a home, please fill out an adoption application. They deserve to find a home where they can be comfortable for the remainder of their lives.

Watch Their Wedding Video Here:

Featured Image: Facebook