Breeder Surrenders Playful Dachshund With Five Legs To Shelter

HeartDogs works closely with to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Rescue Bank program, thousands of shelter dogs and cats each year are able to have food, provided by Greater Good Charities. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible.

Cinco means five in Spanish — and that’s just how many legs this unique Dachshund pup has. 

That also happens to be his name. Surrendered to Lowrider Dachshund Rescue from a breeder for being born with an extra leg, Cinco is an extra playful pooch who loves playing with toys. 

Thanks to the Greater Good Rescue Bank, which donates food to dogs in shelters and helps shelters save money for things like toys, Cinco has plenty of toys to play with while he’s there at the rescue. 

Image: Lowrider Dachshund Rescue

“He is an 8-month-old piebald dachshund boy who is full of energy and these wonderful donated toys help keep him entertained,” the rescue said. “His name is Cinco because he was born with a deformed front leg that split into two legs — yes, he has 5 legs.”

While Cinco’s extra leg is what makes him unique, it does impact his mobility. Luckily, the rescue has been able to work with him to help him learn how to navigate with his disability. 

“Cinco is currently with LowRider until our vet decides if he needs surgery to remove the extra leg or if he’s just going to remain unique,” the rescue said. 

Image: Lowrider Dachshund Rescue

Due to the donated food, the rescue is able to use their resources for other things like vet care and enrichment for the animals. And luckily for Cinco, that means plenty of extra playtime. 

“It allows us to spend more time with the animals and less time trying to gather donations for food and toys,” the rescue said.

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Featured Image: Lowrider Dachshund Rescue