Cancer Survivor May Be The Oldest Living Dog After Her Recent Birthday

A tiny dog named Lady Bug may be the new oldest living dog in the world. Despite being a rescue, she has some records from her past life. Her human, Mary Jo Hughes, says the dog recently turned 23 or 24 years old.

Lady Bug got a special birthday celebration with a birthday hat and a cake bearing her photo. Now that she has reached such an impressive age, her vets are looking into her files to see if they can prove that she’s the oldest dog in the world. This information could cause her to take over the current Guinness World Record holder’s spot.

Woman holding birthday dog

Battle for the Oldest Living Dog

The Guinness World Record for the oldest living dog has changed several times in the past year. First, a 21-year-old Chihuahua named TobyKeith took the record. Then, after seeing TobyKeith’s story, a family realized that their Toy Fox Terrier named Pebbles was older at 22 years old. So, Pebbles held the record until she passed away a few months later.

Now, a 22-year-old dog name Gino currently holds the title, but Hughes believes Lady Bug is older. According to the Guinness World Records, Gino’s birthday was September 2000. However, Lady Bug’s birthday is January 2000, making her older. Yet, there is different information at different vets, so Hughes needs to find the correct documentation before seeking a world record.

Oldest dog birthday

However, publicity isn’t the main thing on Hughes’ mind right now. She’s just happy that Lady Bug has lived this long, and she hopes to get as many years as possible with her, regardless of if it’s a record or not. So, she gave Lady Bug an exciting birthday party at the vet clinic with all the pup’s canine friends around.

“It’s a good thing to come into this afternoon. We just love celebrating with her and we’re so glad that she’s still here with us at 23,” said Nicole Blithe, one of the vets.

Senior dog birthday party

Lady Bug’s Fulfilling Life

Even if Lady Bug doesn’t earn the world record title, she definitely deserves it. This little dog has been through a lot in her life. Hughes adopted the pup over a decade ago after she was abandoned at a dog grooming clinic. At the time, Lady Bug was in rough shape.

“Found mammary cancer, nine teeth needed to be removed, and bladder stones, so Lady Bug has really survived the odds,” Hughes said.

Senior dog with birthday hat

Despite all those health concerns, Lady Bug has lived an exciting life since then. Her family jokingly calls her a “dumpster dog” because no matter how often they groom her, her fur always looks scraggly like she came out of a dumpster. But her humans love her quirky appearance.

Now, Lady Bug’s vets are double-checking her records to confirm her birth date. If all goes well, Hughes will likely go for the oldest living dog award. But even if that doesn’t happen, Lady Bug is still an incredible dog who has lived a life of love and luxury since her rescue.

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