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pup – “Clown,” a merle collie from 1898. #collie

pup – English setters and pointers in 1915, from the magazine Country Life in America….

baby – A pair of Golden retrievers from 1939.

cute – Champion Irish wolfhound named Cotswald, circa 1913. #irishwolfhound

pup – Champion Japanese chin, “Yoshiteru of Mikazuki,” circa 1939.

baby – Gunner, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever (aka “toller”), circa mid-1940s. Fr…

pup – The safer way to store your photos

pup – The safer way to store your photos

cute – Standard poodle (“Vulcan Champagne Abdul,” which is the coolest name ever) and a…

baby – Poodle “Bluebell of Piperscroft,” stackin’ like a German shepherd! Love it. Circ…

pup – Saluki puppies of ‘Sarona Kelb ex Tazi of Ruritania,’ circa 1925. #saluki

cute – Sweet brothers: Saluki champions Zobeid and his brother, Farhan, circa 1926. #sa…

pup – Welsh springer spaniel “Lad of Tolworth,” 1934.

pup – A smooth Brussells griffon smokes a pipe. This dude is hilarious. (His name is a…

baby – A well traveled woman

baby – I’m listening… (Kelpie mix?) Photo by Michelle Gurney.

pup – Dogs on driftwood. Photo by Heather Christiansen of Elite Forces of Fuzzy Destru…

baby – Husky romp! Photo by Flickr user olgeir. #husky

cute – The French Cat + The French Dog


pup – A beautiful Belgian tervuren (I think? Long-coat GSD?) in Paris, from the book “…

cute – In France: A pair of terriers and a verdant door. From the book “The French Dog….

cute – A beautiful border collie in the lane. Photo by Henning Nilson. #bordercollie

pup – australianshepherds2 User Profile | DeviantArt

baby – Breath