Chatty Dog Asks Mom “Where Are You Going?” In Near-Perfect English

Many humans and dogs can understand each other through actions alone. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if your dog could talk to you? One TikTok user has a dog who seems to be able to do that.

In a viral video, Hugo the Alaskan Malamute comes up to his human and makes the silliest sound. When you listen closely, it sounds like he’s saying, “where are you going?” Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, or maybe Hugo is smarter than his human gives him credit for. He’s a very vocal dog, but now he’s finally figuring out how to put his thoughts into words.

Hugo the Alaskan Malamute
Image: Screenshot, @cheekclapper24_7_365/TikTok

Did Hugo Really Speak? You Be the Judge!

In the video, Hugo’s mom is filming herself wearing a new outfit. She admires her style and turns around to show it off from different angles. But then, Hugo interrupts her modeling experience.

The white, fluffy dog gets one look at her and immediately makes a low, grumbling sound. It’s hard not to think he’s saying, “where are you going?” Plus, it’s even more shocking since his mom looks like she’s dressed up to go out somewhere.

Dog speaks English
Image: Screenshot, @cheekclapper24_7_365/TikTok

“I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute,” the TikTok user captioned.

Of course, the comments section couldn’t contain their excitement about the dog speaking. Many people agreed that it sounds like Hugo is speaking perfect English. However, the video cuts off before you can see his mom’s reaction. While it’s probably just a funny coincidence, you can decide for yourself whether or not he really talked.

The Many Sounds of Hugo

While this video is Hugo’s moment in the spotlight, it’s not the first time he’s tried to speak up. His mom regularly posts videos of him and his canine brother named Buddy. Buddy is quiet in the videos, while Hugo often makes funny sounds.

Hugo’s mom has filmed him rating her outfits, arguing with her, and even just saying “wow.” Of course, these videos mostly sound like Hugo is speaking gibberish, but he’s very adamant about what he’s saying. Plus, his sounds are undeniably cute and funny. Maybe he’s still getting the hang of speaking English.

Alaskan Malamute Speaking
Image: Screenshot, @cheekclapper24_7_365/TikTok

Dogs speaking with humans might not be as crazy as it sounds, though. A Sheepadoodle named Bunny can have conversations with her mom using buttons programmed with words. So, we might be closer to talking to our dogs than we think.

Whether or not Hugo actually asked, “where are you going?” is unclear. But hopefully, his silly voices brought a smile to your face!

Featured Image: Screenshots, @cheekclapper24_7_365/TikTok