Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ Pups Welcome New Baby To Their Pack

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews welcomed a baby girl in February 2021. Now 6 months old, little Sterling made a surprise appearance on Matthews’ Instagram story this week.

Alongside their new sibling in these photos were the two family dogs, Steel and Silver. In a caption on the pics, Matthews referred to the group of snugglers as her “three babies.”


At the end of her story, Matthews shared with her 1 million Instagram followers:

“If this doesn’t make your day IDK what will.”

These adorable pictures show just how well the new baby is fitting in with her family.

The Growing Family


Mahomes and Matthews started dating in high school and have spent 8 years together. Their dogs were in the picture before Sterling was born.

The Pit Bull and Cane Corso even have their own Instagram account, which has 214,000 fans following it. The account originally belonged to just Steel when he was an only child and a puppy.


Matthews has referred to Steel affectionately as her “first child,” prior to the birth of Sterling. The Pittie has already experienced welcoming a new sibling, and Silver has grown massively since she first joined the family (also as a puppy) in January of 2019.

When Matthews and Mahomes officially announced their pregnancy, the dogs sported shirts boasting their big brother and big sister status. As you’d expect, they also frequently appear in Kansas City Chiefs gear.


Now that the family of four has grown to five, you can expect more sweet photos of them together. Follow either Brittany Matthews @brittanylynne, or the dogs themselves @steel_silver_mahomes on Instagram!


Steel And Silver Welcome Sterling To Their Pack

Not to worry – the interaction between new baby Sterling and her two physically larger doggies was completely safe. Mahomes and Matthews slowly introduced the dogs to their daughter.


The couple first sent some things home from the hospital for the dogs to sniff Sterling’s scent. Matthews described the process on Instagram:

“When we got home Patrick held her and we let them sniff her butt while she was in our arms. Other than that we didn’t really allow them to get close at all for a while. We gradually let them around her more and more as we got comfortable and they started to realize how to act around her.”

The photos Matthews shared of her baby cuddling with her dogs show how sweet and protective dogs can be over those they consider part of their pack.

H/T: People
Featured Image: Instagram