Couple Discovers Abandoned Pit Bull In The Basement Of Their New Home

There’s a lot to tackle when you buy a new home. And sometimes, the previous owners leave a few things for you to find. They can leave anything from garbage to hidden gems. 

But when one St. Louis couple was in the process of moving into their new home, they were shocked to open the basement door and see that a sweet Pit Bull had been chained up and left behind.


It certainly isn’t uncommon to find that the previous owners of your new property have left some things behind, but it’s usually not a living, breathing being!

A pair of new homeowners were shocked to find a female Pit Bull had been left all alone in their cold, dark basement. They called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis almost immediately after she was discovered.

Once rescuers arrived, they slowly and cautiously climbed down the basement stairs since they didn’t know how she would react. Of course they came prepared with treats in hand, just in case she would need convincing to come upstairs. But as soon as she set eyes on her rescuers, her tail wagged like crazy and she started stretching as far as she could reach so she could cover them in kisses. 

The poor pup had been tied to the steps. Once she was finally freed, they went down into the basement to investigate where she had been living for an unknown amount of time. Not only was the basement floor absolutely filthy, but it was littered with garbage and pile after pile of discarded debris. It was absolutely disgusting down there, and there wasn’t any evidence of food or water having been left behind for this precious baby girl.

Jumping Bean

As soon as she was able, the gorgeous girl started literally jumping for joy and began begging to say hello to everyone she saw. She was super sweet and wanted all the pets she could get. Naturally, this led her rescuers to name her “Jumping Bean,” and she was absolutely ecstatic for her entire freedom ride away from where she was abandoned.

Three months later, this sweet baby girl found the family of her dreams. And while it did take her a moment to settle in, she’s so happy to finally spend her days being smothered with love, just like she so rightfully deserves.

Check out the video of Jumping Bean’s beautiful rescue story below. 

Featured Image: Facebook