Deaf Dog Was Told He’s Not Allowed In The Pool, Throws ‘Oscar-Worthy’ Temper Tantrum

It’s a beautiful day, and Max the Great Dane just wants to dive into the pool and enjoy a nice swim. But mom isn’t having it!


Unfortunately, his human doesn’t want him to swim. This big guy begins whimpering softly, but soon it becomes piercing howls. Similar to a child who is being denied his favorite sweets. 😆



Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube



To top it off, Max is also deaf. It’s brilliant how he can lip-read and understand hand gestures from his owner. He usually has no problems agreeing with his mom, but right now, he is just downright disappointed because he is not allowed into the pool!


He even walks to the edge of the pool and tries to dip just one paw into the water, as if to test the temperature (and his mom!). But he decides otherwise and continues his whining which has now become very persistent, showing how annoyed he is with his mom.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube



We do hope poor max got to swim eventually. Every dog deserves his fun!


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