Dedicated Officer Pulls Exhausted Dog Out Of Muddy Canal

There are so many stories of dogs coming to the rescue to save humans, but sometimes, dogs need saving too. In a recent situation, a dog got trapped in a muddy canal in Florida, and there was no one around to save him. Luckily, officers were quick to react as soon as they heard about the canine in distress.

One brave officer in particular didn’t hesitate to enter the murky waters to save the day. At first, the dog cried in fear as he struggled to escape, but once he saw the human was there to help, he relaxed.

Dog trapped in canal

Dog Begs for Help

A concerned bystander spotted the dog in a muddy canal and called the Palm Bay Police Department for help. The dog was in the shallow waters of the canal, but he seemed unable to free himself. He appeared to be a Golden Retriever who was very distressed.

Officer Carrol, who handles lots of dogs through police work, rushed to the scene. Someone from the police department took a video of Carrol entering the water to save the dog. At first, the dog lets out panicked barks but quiets down once Carrol gets close enough to help.

Officer saving dog

The video is about a minute long, and it shows the officer finding steady ground before freeing the dog from the muck. Then, he puts a leash around the dog and carefully pulls him out of the water.

Officer Saves the Day!

According to the police department, the rescue occurred just in time. The water was chilly and the dog was exhausted, so he could’ve been in serious danger if left alone any longer.

Man saved dog from canal

“The water was cold, and it appeared the dog had been there for some time, worn out and tired,” the Palm Bay Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

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The dog didn’t have a collar on, so officers thought he might be a stray. But luckily, after officials posted about it on Facebook, someone commented saying that the dog in the video was theirs. The dog’s owner said the dog was her dad’s, but he recently passed away. The dog had escaped the gate in her yard and was missing for an hour before officers rescued him.

Dog in canal recovering

Now, the dog is home safe. He got a warm bath and some snuggles after the frightening day he had. Hopefully, the family will be more careful in the future to make sure the pup doesn’t get into trouble again.

Watch the Rescue Video Here:

Featured Image: Facebook