Do You Live In A Cat State Or A Dog State?

Which is better – cats or dogs? 

The debate on this question is perhaps one of the most long-lasting of all time, with endlessly diverse answers. And after many, many years of discussion, it seems as though a newly released poll may finally have settled the arguments.

“It’s a debate as old as man – cats or dogs?” stated Time2Play, “We surveyed over 3,000 Americans to find out which US states prefer cats to dogs, and vice versa.” 

Following a poll of 3,045 American pet owners, the curious folks at Time2Play have reported that the answer to this question is BOTH! It turns out that pet lovers are divided right down the middle as to which species makes a better pet. 


The results of this poll were sorted by state and presented in answer to the following question: 

Do you live in a cat state or a dog state? 

Twenty-five states said that they would prefer to own cats, while the other twenty-five stated that they much prefer dogs. Notable cat states include many in the midwest, such as Minnesota, Ohio, and Kentucky. Meanwhile, southern states such as Florida, Texas, and Alabama are notably dog-minated. 


New York was one cat-oriented state that surprised the folks at Time2Play. Previously thought of as a great place to own cats due to a large number of small apartments and a small number of outdoor play yards, New York has now gone to the dogs. 

In truth, this revelation should come as no surprise, considering the intentional efforts of New York officials to make the Big Apple a dog-friendly place to live

This poll also sought to discover which set of pet-lovers posted about their beloved babes on social media the most: 

“We asked our 3,000 respondents whether or not they post about their pets on their profiles, and the results are in.” said the staff at Time2Play. “53.2% said they post pet photos online, with 46.8% saying they don’t. Of those who said yes, 56.8% were dog people, and 43.2% were cat people. The conclusion? Dog lovers are more likely to flood the newsfeed with pictures of their pooches.”


Generation-wise, it should come as no surprise that Millenials post about their pets the most, closely followed by Generation Z. The average age of the pollers in this study was 38. 

Despite the results of this data-driven study, there is no doubt that this debate will continue for years and years to come. The unrefutable truth is that no one species is better than the other. Both cats and dogs make amazing companions, though it is fun to see for ourselves the surprising statistics. 

So what’s the verdict for you? Do you live in a cat state or a dog state?


Featured Image: Time2Play