Dog Escorts Girl To Bus Every Day, Waits For Her To Leave Before Running Home

Sam loves his little human, Evie, so much. He walks her to the school bus every morning and picks her up in the afternoon. Sam is Evie’s own personal escort! He’s so happy to see Evie when she comes home and proves it by running to her as fast as possible and wagging his tail like crazy.


The two have been inseparable since the family adopted Sam as a puppy. Evie instantly embraced Sam like a sibling, and the pair continue to grow up together. Evie’s mom says Sam has been her “school bus escort” since the second day he was with his new family. Can you imagine a tiny puppy walking his tiny human to the bus? It’s too darn cute!


Hilariously, once it became “uncool” for Evie’s parents to walk her to the bus and pick her up, it became Sam’s job. Sam is such a hard worker that he sits and waits for Evie’s morning bus to take off before he moves from his spot and comes back into the house. This is too good to miss, folks. Sam is intelligent and loyal! Aren’t dogs the best?

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