Dog Falls Into 12-Foot Hole During Game Of Hide-And-Seek

Fontana, California, is home to a playful pup who had a scary experience. German Shepherds tend to have a personality that is unmatched by other breeds. They can be extremely hardworking while they serve alongside police officers, or they can be lazy while their owners feed them crackers by hand.

Lexi, the German Shepherd, is rambunctious and mischievous like many of her breed. She was playing hide-and-seek with her owner when things got a little out of hand.

The bad news: The bouncing beauty took a tumble and fell into a 12-foot hole.

The good news: It was a great hiding place!


Where’s Lassie When You Need Her?

When Animal Services arrived, they quickly realized they needed back-up. The City of Fontana Police Department and San Bernardino County Fire showed up in no time!



“Animal Service Officers immediately asked for backup, and our wonderful firefighters assisted in rescuing Lexi from the large hole,” the police department shared. “The owner was extremely grateful that her fur baby was unharmed,” the post continued.


You know what they say… teamwork makes the dream work! That was exactly the case with Lexi’s heroic rescue! Firefighters lowered themselves into the trench. They carefully wrapped Lexi in a special lift. Then they were able to hoist her up and out to freedom!

Lexi Isn’t The Only Dog To Be Rescued From An Odd Place

Do you remember when firefighters rescued two dogs that were trapped on a waterfall? They spent time gaining the dogs’ trust before they were able to secure them and inch them back up the slope.

Or what about the dog that was stuck on a buoy? She was initially spotted by beachgoers. When concerned citizens tried to catch her, she dove into the water and continued to swim out to sea! She finally found refuge on an abandoned buoy but needed a little assistance getting back to shore.

There was also the time when a bus driver spotted an adventurous pup trapped between two fences along the highway. The fence had to be meticulously cut bit by bit until the pup was freed – all while traffic whizzed past!

Obviously, dogs have a tendency to find themselves in some tricky spots. Luckily, we just get to be entertained by their antics!


We are happy to report that Lexi wasn’t injured during the ordeal. She’s doing great! Hopefully, her next hiding place doesn’t require a call to 911!

Featured Photo: YouTube