Dog Farts While Sleeping And The Cat’s ‘Comeback’ Has Audiences Going Wild

Certain things are just unavoidable. And, in certain cases, some of those events may be a bit, uh, unsavory. Gas is a natural function that we have no control over. Some people find it disgusting or find it the greatest thing ever amusing.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Paw via YouTube Video



This cat definitely represents “Team Anti-Gas” which is clearly seen in the video below. Most people would believe that since we can’t influence it, another animal wouldn’t mind.


While his doggie brother is snoozing, a necessary bodily function slips out of his tiny body. He continues to sleep ‘blissfully unaware’ of what occurred. The cat is one of those animals that does not enjoy being whistled at. And she has no reservations about stating so.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Paw via YouTube Video


The cat’s response to the sleep fart is quite entertaining. Please have a look for yourself. The video below will absolutely have you in HYSTERICS!


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