Dog Found With Teeth Ground Down To The Gums Is Now Living His Best Life

In Detroit, Michigan, a nightmare is over for a dog who finally got rescued.

Logan was found running in the streets, emaciated and unsure of who to turn to. When a good Samaritan called Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they immediately went to find the pup.

When rescuers first saw the downtrodden dog, who they named Logan, it was evident from his protruding rib bones and badly cropped ears that he’d come from a life that was hell on Earth. But when they drove him to the vet after picking him up, more light was shed on his dark past.


When the vet lifted his lips, they saw that all his teeth had been barbarically ground down to the gums. The yearning in the pup’s eyes was the only hint of the excruciating pain that he must have endured, and still suffered through because of the horrendous dental procedure. Because of his condition, Logan’s rescuers surmised that he was used as a bait dog to train other dogs to fight; and his teeth had been filed so that he could not defend himself.

It is a miracle that this pup survived his ordeal. It is even more astonishing that he remains calm and gentle, despite all that he’s been through. Thanks to the Detroit Pit Crew, Logan will be able to get a second chance and learn what it’s like to be loved.

Shortly after his exam, Logan went to the doggy dentist to have extensive work done, which included pulling some teeth and capping others. Once his mouth is able to heal properly, he will not have to deal with excruciating mouth pain anymore.


The rescue wrote on Facebook:

Sweet boy Logan is currently under sedation having his dental situation looked at. These pictures show his teeth and we can see some are bleeding from the roots. We can’t imagine the pain this dog has endured at the hands of the cruel person who ground his teeth down to the gums.


With a past this traumatic and a face this beautiful, Logan is sure to find a caring forever home to love and spoil him for the rest of his days!

The rescue posted:

We can guarantee that this poor boy will NEVER be abused again!!



A YouCaring page has been set up to help fund the pup’s extensive medical bills. If you’d like to help support Logan’s recovery, click here.

We are so glad that this pup is finally in loving hands. We know that when he is ready, the Detroit Pit Crew will help him find the perfect loving forever home! Good luck, Logan!


You may remember Logan, the Detroit dog found emaciated with his ears crudely clipped and his teeth ground down to the gums. Rescuers suspected he’d been used as a bait dog and his story saddened and enraged animal lovers across the world.

Now, thanks to the Detroit Pit Crew and the Lenawee Humane Society, Logan has found his dream family! They recently celebrated his birthday with a cake and sparkly crown!


DPC guaranteed Logan would never be abused again, and it seems they have certainly delivered on that promise! You can read Logan’s entire harrowing story below.