Dog-Friendly Cafe That Doubles As An Adoption Center Opens In NZ

A cafe where you can bring your dog is always a huge plus. But what about a cafe where you can also adopt a dog? That’s the concept of The Barkery in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Barkery opened its doors to the public in March of 2022. In addition to serving treats for dogs and snacks for humans in a wide-open space, The Barkery offers a place for rescue dogs to meet potential adopters.


A Menu That Caters To People And Pups

In The Barkery’s designated “dining area,” people can purchase coffee and pastries. There’s also a dog menu, which includes things like a “Barkuterie Board” and pupcakes. The “pupcake” is made of peanut butter, bacon, and pumpkin, so dogs will love it, but their humans might also want a bite.


Jack Penniket, the man behind the Dog Barkery, said the menus were designed to cater to both people and dogs.

“I have tried them myself, and you can get away with eating them. It has been odd catering for human and dogs.”


“A community hub for Christchurch dog lovers”

The Barkery space was built around “the dog-human experience.” It’s much more than your average dog-friendly cafe.

In a mission statement, The Barkery website explains its community focus:

“The Barkery is a 100% dog-friendly cafe and community space that offers a range of food, events, and activities for people and their pups. We’re a social enterprise and donate 10% of profits to Dogwatch and Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue.”


Featuring tons of open space and safe areas to play on- or off-leash, The Barkery is also a great place to take your dog for some exercise and socialization. There’s even a secure, fenced-in training area available to rent.

Rules posted at the entrance are simple and fair: dogs who enter must be vaccinated and “under effective control” at all times. All dogs have to be leashed while in the dining area.


At The Barkery, you can treat your dog in more ways than one. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a concert or take a yoga class alongside your pup.

A Business That Helps Rescue Dogs

There’s an important mission behind The Barkery beyond feeding people and dogs: giving back. Every Saturday and Sunday, the cafe’s rescue and rehoming partners, Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, Dogwatch, and Greyhounds As Pets NZ, bring adoptable dogs to The Barkery to find new families.

“I’ve been volunteering at dog rescues for the last five years now and always had a very soft spot for dogs and canine companions. The idea is to create a space that would have dogs’ best interests in mind, get these guys up for adoption,” Penniket said.


Meeting a dog outside of a shelter environment is much different, allowing the adoptable dog to show their personality more than they can inside a kennel. Every weekend, The Barkery offers these dogs a greater chance of adoption.


A percentage of The Barkery’s profits also goes to the local rescues. Learn more about The Barkery and adoptable dogs in Canterbury here.

If only every trip to get coffee was like this!

Featured Image: Facebook