Dog Hugs Man Who Faced The Unknown To Rescue Him From Flood

After heavy storms passed through Alabama, intense flooding was left behind in some areas. While the water wasn’t deep enough to stop humans from escaping, it trapped some innocent animals. So, when an animal shelter director known as Bill Banks received a call about a dog trapped in the flooding, he didn’t hesitate to help.

Banks knew nothing about the dog or the floodwaters before entering the property. But like any true animal lover, he was willing to risk it all for an animal in distress. It was a risky situation, but he’s now being called a hero.

Shelter director saving dog

Facing the Unknown

Bill Banks is the director at Dothan Animal Shelter, so he’s used to helping animals in need. He wasn’t about to let a dog suffer without trying to help. The dog’s owner was unavailable at the time of the flood, so Banks was the pup’s only hope.

Someone called the shelter for help after they spotted the dog treading water in a flooded area. The poor dog was trapped in a fenced-in space, so he couldn’t swim to shallow water. For humans, the water was about waist-high.

“Without knowing what might be in the waters or the demeanor of the dog, Director Banks waded through waist-high waters himself to free the dog and get it out of the flooding fenced area it was in,” the Dothan Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Director Banks’ selflessness and care for animals reflects greatly of himself, the Dothan Animal Shelter, and the City of Dothan.”

Shelter director saves dog from flooding

Worth the Risk

Banks waded his way into the yard toward the fenced-in area to rescue the dog. He put his health and safety at risk due to not knowing the water conditions or the dog’s temperament. Luckily, photos from the rescue show that the dog seemed eager to be saved. One image showed the dog clinging to Banks as if to hug him.

“Go to work with Animal Services. ‘It will be great,’ they said,” Banks joked in a Facebook caption.

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Dog hugging rescuer close up

Now, the dog is safe because of Banks’ selfless act. The owner has since returned home and moved the dog to a different location where something like this won’t happen again.

Banks doesn’t blame the owners for what happened, but other animal lovers disagree. Many people believe the dog should be kept inside and not left unattended for so long. Yet, it’s difficult to know the dog’s whole situation based on this one story. What matters most is that he survived the flooding thanks to an incredible hero!

Featured Image: Facebook