​​Dog Lovers Petition To Ban Katie Price From Owning Dogs When New Puppy Appears

Media personality and model Katie Price has welcomed another puppy into her family. While most celebrity dogs are celebrated on their adoption day, Price’s fans reacted in the opposite way. Her new puppy is a tiny black Chihuahua named Captain, and fans suspect that he was purchased from an inhumane breeder.

Yet, Captain’s condition isn’t the main reason fans are upset at Price for getting another dog. The celebrity has a history of her pets dying suddenly. At least four pets have died tragically while she was caring for them. So, dog lovers are now desperate to find a way to ban her from pet ownership.

Katie Price holding puppy

A History of Dog Deaths

Katie Price first sparked the most backlash when a French Bulldog puppy she bought died after getting suffocated by a chair. Price claimed it was an accident, but she had given the dog prescription cannabis oil without a vet’s approval before it happened. Then, shortly after the dog died, she purchased another puppy but gave it away later with no explanation.

Yet, the French Bulldog’s death wasn’t the first pet tragedy the family faced. At least two other dogs and one horse have died getting hit by a vehicle. After it happened more than once, dog lovers began to suspect that it was a pattern rather than a coincidence. Most dog lovers would take extra precautions after one pet died unexpectedly.

Katie Price new puppy

All these tragedies haven’t stopped Price from owning pets. She’s had dogs, cats, horses, lizards, and hedgehogs. Considering her past, dog lovers are terrified for her new puppy. The tiny Chihuahua named Captain, who seems to have an enlarged head due to poor breeding, has been posted on Price’s Instagram a few times. Fans worry that he’s an accessory more than a family member.

“Given her track record with animals, several of whom have died in her ‘care,’ it would be irresponsible and reckless for Katie to be allowed to acquire another one,” said PETA director Elisa Allen. “And any breeder willing to sell to her is clearly putting profit over the animals’ welfare.”

Katie Price kissing Chihuahua

Ban Katie Price from Pet Ownership

After the tragic incident with the suffocated French Bulldog, dog lovers started a petition to ban Price from buying more pets. Many people fear more pets will die if no one does anything. Since Price introduced Captain, the petition has increased to over 22,500 signatures, which is close to reaching its goal of 25,000.

However, no matter how many people speak up, Price continues to deny that she’s doing anything wrong. In addition to the mistreatment of her animals, she has also been in trouble with the law a few times in the past year. She plead guilty to breaching her restraining order against her ex-husband, and in separate incidents, she was caught speeding and later drunk driving.

Katie Price holding small dog

“Kate can do no right in some people’s eyes. Kate has always been an avid pet lover and as we’ve mentioned before Kate would welcome a conversation with PETA organizational director, Elisa Allen, but Elisa has yet to get in touch,” Price’s rep said.

If you don’t think Katie Price should own more pets, you can sign the petition. Animals are part of the family, so getting a pet should be a big decision followed by lots of proper care. Sadly, it seems like Price has failed to provide enough safety and caution to her pets, so dog lovers want to ensure no more animals get hurt in her home.

Featured Image: Instagram