Dog Presumed Dead Found Trapped In Deep Fissure

On April 8th, 2022, a dog known as Henry walked with his humans along the South West Coast Path in Boscastle, Cornwall. While exploring the coastal trail, Henry took off and didn’t return. His humans panicked and reached out to officials to help them locate the dog. But after hours of searching with no luck, rescuers informed the family that Henry likely hadn’t survived.

Of course, Henry’s humans were heartbroken. They were certain they’d never see their beloved dog again. But then, someone on the trail reported a dog barking, which gave the family hope that Henry was still out there.

Fissure in cliff

Dog Presumed Dead

After Henry went missing, rescuers flew drones and searched the area to locate the missing dog. Sadly, after two hours, they feared the worst. They told the family that the dog had likely fallen into a fissure on the cliffs and died. So, Henry’s owners assumed he was dead and grieved.

“After approx 2 hours of searching the area with the 2 drones and a visual search and taking in the fact the terrain, nothing heard or seen for over 24 hours, it was discussed and accepted by the owner that Henry had more than likely fell down one of many of these fissures and not made it,” Boscastle Coastguard wrote on Facebook.

Rescuers pulling dog out

But then, two days later, someone heard a dog barking near where Henry took off. They contacted authorities, so Boscastle Coastguard and Bude Coastguard Rescue Team came to the scene. They found out that Henry was barking from the bottom of a 20-foot fissure in a cliff. So, rescuers jumped into action.

It’s a Miracle!

The rescuers came prepared. They brought treats and a sausage roll with them to gain the dog’s trust. Then, they used rope to lower a rescuer into the hole and coax the dog using the food. Once the person gained Henry’s trust, the team was able to pull the pup to the surface.

Dog rescued from fissure

“Once set up, a cliff technician was sent down to retrieve Henry with half a sausage roll and some treats,” Boscastle Coastguard said. “After about 30 minutes of shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing, we managed to get a lead around the dog and pull him up to safety to the obviously overjoyed and happy owners.”

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Outside the fissure, Henry’s humans were eagerly waiting for him. They shared a heartfelt reunion and have since returned home together. The family said that Henry is doing well after this stressful situation. Thank you to the brave rescuers who helped save his life!

Featured Image: Facebook