Dog Rushes To Fellow Canine When His Human Blacks Out

An Orlando senior living facility known as HarborChase of Dr. Phillips is usually very calm and quiet. Marilyn Blackmer and her 6-year-old Labradoodle named Buddy regularly go for walks around the community. But one day, their casual walk suddenly turned into a stressful situation.

Luckily, Buddy knew exactly what to do in a moment of panic. He found a unique way to save his human’s life, which is why people are now comparing him to Lassie. Blackmer believes she might not have survived if Buddy hadn’t jumped into action. He’s a hero!

Elderly woman with dog

Woman Blacks Out

While Blackmer was walking Buddy, she suddenly blacked out and fell onto the grass. She couldn’t get up, so Buddy knew something was wrong. He ran across the park to a door that felt familiar to him. Like the “Twilight Bark” in 101 Dalmatians, he looked for a fellow dog to send a message to.

When Buddy stood outside the door, he got the attention of another resident’s dog named Sammy. Sammy is a 4-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix, and the two dogs are good friends. Somehow, Sammy knew Buddy needed help, so the small dog went to wake his napping human.

Buddy playing fetch

“Sammy kind of woke me up and roused me to the door. I looked out the door and saw Marilyn laying on the ground, so we all came rushing out,” said Alice Joossens, Sammy’s owner.

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Blackmer said she has trained Buddy to help her out just in case because he has good instincts. But she never expected him to save her life. He proved that he’s even more loyal than she expected.

Dog saves human's life

The Power of Friendships

Blackmer felt lonely and scared when she fell with no one else around. But Buddy’s actions made her feel less alone during the scary situation. Blackmer said she’s deeply touched by Buddy, Sammy, and Joossens.

“I just remember feeling so alone. And then I’m laying there and I hear Alice calling, ‘Marilyn, I’m coming!’ And I thought, ‘Yay!’” said Blackmer. “I’m deeply touched by Buddy and by Alice and don’t feel near as alone as I did.”

Dogs at senior living center

Now, Buddy is called the hero of HarborChase. The two dogs and their humans have always been good friends, so of course, they were there for each other during this scary incident. From now on, Blackmer will always feel a little safer knowing Buddy is there for her.

Featured Image: YouTube