Dog Seized By Police Turns Out To Be 6 Years Missing From Rightful Owners

When a dog goes missing, there’s a certain point when their family assumes they’re gone for good. It’s hard to keep hoping when everything else in life moves forward. Yet, one family’s story proves that miracles can happen.

Venessa Encinas got a Shih Tzu puppy for her daughter back in 2016. They named her Alaska and quickly fell in love with her. But then, after only two months together, the puppy went missing. When years went by, the family forced themselves to move on, but little did they know that their pup would return one day.

Lost Shih Tzu rescued

Unlikely to Return

When Alaska was a puppy, she squeezed out the front door when it was open, and the family didn’t know where she went. They put up fliers all over the area, but nothing brought their furry friend home.

So, Encinas started to accept that her tiny dog probably wasn’t returning. Eventually, the family continued on with their lives, and they brought home two other dogs. But six years later, out of the blue, Encinas got a call from animal control. She was so shocked that she first thought it was a joke.

“I was like my god no, we lost her six years ago,” said Encinas.

Woman finds lost Shih Tzu

Animal control explained that Alaska had been with a man who was arrested. When they scanned the dog for a microchip, they saw that she was marked as ‘lost.’ So, they reached out to the rightful owners.

Never Give up!

Pima Animal Care Center didn’t waste any time reuniting the dog with her family. An employee offered to drive Alaska to her family that same day. Encinas said she wished she would’ve been more prepared, but she never expected a miracle like this to happen. Encinas said every time she took her other dogs to the vet, the vet would ask about Alaska.

“They would always ask us did you guys find Alaska? We’re like no so we would leave crying every time we left the vet,” said Encinas. “They would say don’t give up never say never.”

Dog and woman reunited

Encinas reminds other dog parents to microchip their dogs. An updated microchip could be what brings a lost dog home, so it’s always good to have it just in case.

The reunion between Alaska and her family was filled with happy tears. Alaska missed out on a lot of quality time with her humans, so now they can finally make up for lost time.

Featured Image: Facebook