Dog Was So Abused That She Loudly ‘Shrieks’ In Fear When Rescuer Tries To Touch Her

Monica Mitreanu, a Romanian animal rescuer, has been helping dogs for a long time. However, during one of her most recent rescues, she was shocked to discover Priscilla in an abusive situation. Since she was a puppy, Priscilla had been tortured and beaten repeatedly by her owner. Unfortunately, these awful actions from people take place. However, we promise a HAPPY ENDING at the end of the beautiful video below. You need to watch until the very end because it will warm your heart!


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Priscilla’s first night at the shelter in Breasta-Craiova was excruciating! The poor dog’s heart pounded with anxiety at the sight of people, and she dashed to a corner to hide.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Monica was devastated when she learned that Priscilla had developed a fear reaction as her natural instinct.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


The terror and suffering in Priscilla’s eyes as she screams and yells in anguish and begs Monica to “spare her” is apparent. But Monica is determined to assist Priscilla conquer her phobia. The dog gradually learns to trust her saviour’s genuine, caring touch, and she breaks down crying in her arms.


Please keep your volume lower at the beginning of the video. But, we PROMISE a happy ending for this beauty! Especially, the very ENDING!

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