Doggie Dad Checks Doorbell Cam On Vacation And Finds Own Lost Pup

There’s no place like home. Well, at least that’s how a four-legged escape artist named Dexter feels. Dexter, a crafty canine from Kansas, made that quite clear when he intentionally escaped from doggy daycare while his family was far away.

He could have gone anywhere, but where did the homesick pup decide to dash off to once he slipped away? Dexter ran until he was sitting on his own front porch. 


When Dexter’s family decided to take a trip across the country to visit Las Vegas, they dropped Dexter off at a doggy daycare. That way, he would be well taken care of while they were away. But the midwestern native took his well-known job within his family incredibly seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he wasn’t willing to stay “off duty” the entire time his family was away.  

“We adopted Dexter to be a watchdog for my wife while I traveled, and he takes that job VERY seriously, so that’s probably why he was so determined to come home,” said Dexter’s dad, Jeremy.


His dad brought him home so he could be both a companion and a protector for his wife while he traveled. Dexter took his position within the family to heart. Despite being dropped off two miles from home, this good boy was determined to get back on the job. The dedicated dog slipped away and made a mad dash for where his heart told him to go.

Comforted From Afar

Despite Dexter’s dad being 1,000 miles away in Las Vegas, he was still able to comfort his confused canine. After receiving the notification from his Ring doorbell camera that someone was standing on his front porch, Jeremy checked his video feed.

Once Jeremy saw who it was, he used the one-way talk feature and was able to speak to his pup. Dexter was so delighted to hear the comforting voice of his dad that it was easy to keep him calm and contained until help arrived. 

Ring footage

“Previously, it made me feel safe knowing that whenever anyone came to our doorstep, we would be notified of it. But now, I truly believe that the Ring Doorbell saved my dog’s life. Without it, he may have been stuck outside and wouldn’t have been able to find a warm spot to stay safe,” said Jeremy. 

According to Dexter, there’s just no place like home. How lucky are his humans to have such a loyal, loving family member? How lucky are all of us to have such incredible furry family members by our sides? 

Dad and Dexter

Tell us how your furry family members make you grateful to have them by your side.

Plus, check out the video of Dexter’s big adventure below!