Dog’s Favorite Song Comes On And Mom Decided To Join-In For A “Duet Performance”

Lola and Annie are as close as it is possible for a mother and her puppy to be. They enjoy doing everything together, such as going to the park and playing, relaxing and cuddling, and traveling on road trips.

The entertainment is Lola’s and Annie’s favorite part of those travels! The center of attention is occupied by Lola and Annie! 😊


Image/Story Source Credit: Annie Aul via YouTube Video


Lola’s musical talent is undeniable, and she’s enthusiastic about the release of her favorite song.


Image/Story Source Credit: Annie Aul via YouTube Video



And the best news is that Lola wants to perform it with the individual she loves most…her mom! The pair make an ideal karaoke duo. While Lola’s “lyrics” may differ from Annie’s, they’re still incredible together.


You’re going to LOVE this dynamic duo and their singing ability. So, be sure to turn up the volume and get ready to be entertained. Watch until the end!


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