Drew Barrymore Surprises Boy Who Donated Over $5,000 To Animal Shelter

Actress Drew Barrymore recently welcomed 8-year-old Connor Vece from Connecticut onto The Drew Barrymore Show. Connor might be young, but he is more generous and compassionate than many adults. He spends lots of time raising money for animal shelters, and he has gathered over $5,000 to help dogs in need.

So, Barrymore thought Connor was the perfect guest to feature on her show’s “Drew-Gooders” segment. His kindness moved viewers, and Barrymore offered an adorable surprise for the boy. He might not have talked much on the show, but his actions prove that he’s a hero.

Connor Pet Food Drive

8-Year-Old Changes the World

Every donation to animal shelters and rescues can save lives, so Connor has helped many dogs with his hard work. After his family lost their beloved dog named Cheetah, Connor decided to start donating to animal shelters. He asked his grandmother, Mary Corriea, about pet food drives because he was worried adoptable dogs didn’t have enough to eat.

“I think all dogs should get as much love as he did,” Connor said, referring to Cheetah.

Boy collects donations

Corriea thought Connor’s idea was wonderful, so the boy began asking people to bring donations to his grandparents’ house. He eventually received so many donations that they filled up the whole driveway. Then, they brought the donations to East Haven Animal Shelter. Connor and his family have held many donation drives since then, raising over $5,000 in supplies.

Barrymore was so impressed by Connor’s fundraisers that she invited him onto her show. He appeared on an episode with an 8-year-old girl named Sophia, who sent books to kids in need during the pandemic.

Young boy helps animals control

Barrymore Honors Young Heroes

During The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore shared the incredible stories of the two kids. Then, she approached Connor and Sophia, telling them that she had a special surprise for them. She led them to their very own Build-A-Bear Workshop, where they were encouraged to create a stuffed animal with whatever accessories they wanted.

As Barrymore built a bear with Connor and Sophia, she chatted with them. During the segment, Barrymore also announced that she would be donating 10,000 Build-A-Bears to Toys for Tots.

Drew Barrymore with kind kids

“I learned that you always should help people,” Connor said after the show.

Connor has continued to raise money for the shelter even after his TV appearance. Thanks to his kind heart, he has quickly become a local celebrity. He said that one of his teachers asked for his autograph, but he hasn’t learned how to sign his name in cursive yet.

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