Drowsy Dog Delays Game After Deciding Soft Soccer Field Is The Perfect Place For A Snooze

When choosing the time and place to take a much-needed nap, the most popular settings are often calm, quiet, and free from potential interruptions. But for one drowsy dog, the most appealing site seemed to be a patch of soft, green grass that just so happened to be a soccer field. 

Only, it was during a professional soccer match that she decided to take a snooze.

Dog takes a nap

Who doesn’t love a lazy, afternoon nap? Especially when the site of your snooze is soft and comfortable. But, like many moments throughout life, timing is everything. And one tired pup picked a time and place that wasn’t exactly free from interruptions. 

In fact, not only was her nap interrupted by stadium staff, but she interrupted gameplay during the Paraguayan Primera Division tournament.

Both teams were on the field, and the game was already taking place (Sol de América vs Guaraní) when the players looked over and saw the loveable pup lounging in the grass. She didn’t seem to have a care in the world with how relaxed she looked. So much for a dog’s enhanced hearing, or perhaps she just didn’t care about everything carrying on around her because the cozy canine was so content. 

Soccer Match

Not long after she was spotted and the game was put on pause, the comatose canine was woken up from what seemed to be a sound sleep, and was easily escorted off the field by stadium staff. That’s practically the opposite of what happened when a different dog made an appearance during a professional soccer game.

Unlike this drowsy dog, that dog had an abundance of energy and dashed around the entire field. Plus, their priorities were vastly different. That playful pooch wanted to say hello to as many players as possible and decided to see how many belly rubs they could receive.

Many attempts were made to contain the canine, but they managed to escape back onto the field multiple times. Most of the players didn’t seem too bothered by the interruption and didn’t hesitate to reach down and pet the pooch as they ran by. Eventually, the staff was able to scoop up the pup, and carry them off the field.

Dog begs for belly rubs

Once, a police pup decided to enter a professional soccer game, and decided to run off with the ball. The German Shepherd showed off their marathon running skills, practically galloping from goal to goal, before taking off with the game ball in their mouth. 

Who knew that dogs interrupting soccer games happened so often during matches all around the world?

Featured Image: Twitter