Elderly Grandma Cooks For 120+ Stray Dogs Each Day

We have all, at one point or another, asked ourselves this question:

What is my purpose in life?

Am I meant to be a mother? Should I start a business? Do I move across the country? The world, even? Am I meant to make a world-changing discovery? Should I pursue wealth or passion?

Each person will likely have a different answer to this question, as the possibilities are, in truth, limitless. However, many people subscribe to the following response:

Our purpose in life is to love one another.

And while this truth certainly applies to humankind, it should also extend to include animal-kind. For this reason, and the accompanying belief in its truth, many people dedicate their lives to animal rescue. And in a popular Instagram video released by user @pawsinpuddle, we witness a human’s embodiment of love and kindness. A person fulfilling their true life’s purpose.

Paws in Puddle is a non-governmental rescue organization that cares for over 120 dogs living in the streets of Ghaziabad, India. The founder of this rescue, Sana, and her 90-year-old grandmother partner together to feed the city’s strays each day.

On most days, Sana’s grandmother will wake up at 4:30 in the morning and cook hundreds of homemade meals. Her granddaughter will then collect all the food and head into the city to distribute it to the many strays of Ghaziabad. She will often record these deliveries so that her grandmother, a true animal lover, can see the joy on each pup’s face as they receive the homecooked meals.


Last week, Sana decided to bring her grandmother along for the deliveries for the very first time. This 90-year-old woman has severe osteoporosis and could not, before now, tag along. In the video posted to Instagram, we see the grandmother’s face light up during each step of the morning’s journey.

First, Sana assists her grandmother in preparing the meals:

“(She) tries to experiment with her recipes because her heart only feels full when they relish everything she makes,” said Sana in the video’s description.

Once the food is ready, the generous duo loads up the meals in their van and begins driving to the city. Once they arrive at the dogs’ location, they give out the lovingly-prepared meals, ensuring that each pup gets their fair share.


We watch as the dogs approach the van for their daily meal. Their wagging, happy tails and joyful smiles are priceless. And a genuine, heartfelt smile never leaves the sweet older woman’s face.

Sana hopes that her grandmother’s dedication will inspire others to help the animals in their communities:

“Before you tell me a thousand reasons why you can’t help a community animal, please look at this,” says Sana.

The heartwarming video has now racked up over 25,000 likes, with users from around the world praising the elderly woman’s devoted acts of kindness:

“Such a lovely Grandma! Need more like her in this world,” said one user. “She truly knows the reason of her life on earth…to serve, to share. Be richly blessed Grandma.”

Featured Image: Instagram