Ewing Police Detective Rescues Petrified Pup Trapped In A Blazing House Fire

Every once in a while, a hero comes along whose bravery and selflessness are simply unmatched. And when that hero involves themselves in the welfare of animals, an entire society of pet-lovers worldwide gathers to rally. One such hero is Detective Julia Caldwell of the Ewing, NJ, police department.

Caldwell made headlines earlier this month when she saved the life of a beautiful shepherd mix caught in the throes of a house fire. At nine in the morning on June 2nd, Ewing police responded to reports of a house fire on Browning Avenue.


Thankfully, by the time police arrived, the human members of the household had fled safely from the blazing fire. And it seemed just in the knick of time, too, as police and firefighters had great difficulty finding a safe entrance into the home due to the positioning of the fire.

While safety officials attempted to control the fire, dispatchers received reports from the family that their beloved dog, Lei Lei, was still trapped inside. Hearing of this news, Detective Caldwell immediately ran around the side of the house in an attempt to find an entrance to the room in which Lei Lei was trapped.


Officials informed Caldwell of the pup’s location and pointed her towards a small window as a safe entry point. Caldwell’s colleagues surveyed the size of the window, informing her that there was no way she would be able to fit through it:

“Yes, I can. Watch!” said Caldwell.

Caldwell squeezed through the small window and located Lei Lei, terrified and trapped in her pen. Caldwell immediately ran over to the petrified pup and began fiddling with the lock, all the time, assuring Lei Lei that everything would be alright.


“We’ve got to move fast here, pal,” Caldwell said to the pup, “I’ve got you, baby, I’ve got you. Come on, sweet angel.”

Once the pen was open, Caldwell approached Lei Lei. “I’m going to help you,” she said. Caldwell wrapped Lei Lei in a blanket and carried her across the room, passing her through the open window and into the arms of a fellow colleague. Lei Lei was safe from the fire.

In the audio of Caldwell’s bodycam footage, released by the Ewing police department, we can hear dispatchers desperately attempting to inform officers of Lei Lei’s position. Caldwell hops on the radio, assuring dispatch that the pup had been brought to safety. “I’ve got him out. He’s out,” reported the heroic officer.

Caldwell was treated on scene for smoke inhalation and is expected to recover fully. And according to all sources, Lei Lei will also make a full recovery. Thank you, Detective Caldwell, for your selflessness and bravery. You are a true hero!