Family Buries Dog After Tragic Accident, But Five Days Later Maisie Came Home

After their dog went missing, the Hutton family of Suffolk, England, got a call every dog parent dreads. Their beloved dog Maisie had been hit by a car and succumbed to her injuries. But after they buried the canine they thought to be their pup, the family received a joyful surprise. Maisie was alive!

The Huttons’ ordeal began when fireworks scared Maisie and mom Codie pulled over to give her worried pup a breather. As Codie went to attach Maisie’s leash, a firework popped, and the nine-year-old Springer Spaniel bolted. Within three hours, Codie and a search party were at work following reports of Maisie sightings. But scared and running through unfamiliar territory, Maisie evaded rescue.


A Sad Ending That Wasn’t Really the End

Codie worried over her missing Maisie all night and the next day saw her camping out in the field where the dog had last been seen. But she found no Maisie. The following morning, a phone call brought Codie’s hopes crashing down as a broken body had been found and was believed to be her dog.

“We were convinced from the tail and markings on the legs that it was her,” Codie told the East Anglian Daily Times.

Their vet couldn’t be certain it was Maisie, feeling the paws looked much like those of a fox.

“A microchip couldn’t be found, but we accepted and made peace with her death,” shared Codie.


The Hutton family buried the body, including in the grave Maisie’s bed and a picture of Codie’s three-year-old son, Taylen, and her beloved dog playing together.

 “I told Taylen she was a star in doggy heaven now. It was devastating.”

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Unbelievable Return

Two days later, Codie got a call she couldn’t believe. Maisie had been spotted…alive. The day after, Codie learned Maisie had been caught near an elementary school. When she saw Maisie in her father’s arms, her legs buckled, but her arms opened wide, welcoming her dear Maisie into her embrace.

“I thought she was gone,” Codie explained. “I thought I was never going to see her again. I still couldn’t believe it was my Maisie.”


Now, Maisie is safe and home with her family, and though her ordeal was a major one, she suffered only a minor infection. It’s thought the canine the Huttons buried was indeed a fox.

Funds for FIDO

Codie said Maisie’s return wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Sam French and FIDO for lost dogs, a volunteer group that’s helped more than 2,000 dogs come home again. Throughout the five days Maisie was missing, Sue and her group worked tirelessly, using bulletin boards, humane traps, and cameras to hunt for the missing pup.


To show her gratitude, Codie has started a GoFundMe to raise money for FIDO for lost dogs.

And to everyone involved in helping Maisie get home, Codie said, “I’d like to say a big, huge thank you from myself, my family and, of course, from Maisie.”

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Feature Image: Codie Hutton/Facebook