Family Shocked To Learn What Vets Found Inside Their Puppy’s Stomach

While there are preventative measures you can take, sometimes you just can’t stop a determined dog from eating something they’re not supposed to. Not to mention, you can’t always predict what your dog will decide is edible. They’re just weird like that.

A UK family became concerned when their 12-week-old Bichon Frise puppy Daisy stopped eating. Things went from concerning to disturbing when Daisy vomited up money. Literally.

They found a 2 pound coin in her vomit.


A Multiple “Pound” Discovery

The family took Daisy to the veterinary charity PDSA, where she had some X-rays taken. That’s when doctors learned what was making Daisy so sick.

It turns out she had consumed £2.68 in coins. As PDSA shared on Facebook:

During the operation, the vet team removed twenty coins from her stomach, including thirteen 1ps, three 5ps, two 20ps and two £1 coins. Daisy had swallowed a total of £2.68!”


Naturally, Daisy’s family was shocked by this discovery. What about coins makes them seem like a tasty treat? Daisy didn’t just stop at one coin; she ate a whole bunch.

Daisy’s mom, Ivana, later explained:

“I couldn’t believe it when PDSA rang to tell me Daisy had swallowed so many coins. My purse had been missing and we’d searched high and low for it, not thinking it was Daisy who was the culprit who ran off with it. I had no idea a puppy would even eat this sort of thing and we were all beside ourselves with worry and so scared we might lose her.”

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Now that we’re sure Daisy will be okay, you really gotta commend her commitment to coin eating. Sally Frith, a vet nurse at the Derby PDSA Pet hospital, said:

“Daisy has broken a new record – we couldn’t believe the number of coins she’d managed to eat, especially for such a tiny puppy. The coins had been causing a blockage which, if left, could have been fatal so it’s a good job her owner brought her in to PDSA when she did.”

Since the surgery, Daisy has returned to the hospital for follow-ups and reportedly “she’s recovering and healing well.” She’s on painkillers and antibiotics, but she’ll be just fine (and hopefully wiser from the experience).

Let this be a reminder to all dog parents: you can never really predict what your dog will develop a taste for.

Featured Image: Facebook