FedEx Driver “Steals” Autistic Child’s Service Dog

A 110-pound dog named Harley assists her human’s child, who has autism. The owner, whose name is Natalie, said her son needs his furry friend around to help him with his day-to-day life. When Harley disappeared one day, Natalie panicked and had no idea how to break the news to her son.

As it turns out, the dog wandered a few houses down and got picked up by a FedEx driver. The family had a few sleepless nights before the dog returned home. Natalie wants the driver punished for what they did, but the driver insists that they picked up the dog with good intentions.

Autism service dog relaxing

FedEx Driver Picks Up Dog

Neighbors claim that they saw Harley two houses down, which is where the FedEx driver picked her up. The family says the dog is a service dog, but it’s unusual for a service dog to wander away on their own. Some people suggest that she might be an emotional support dog instead. Either way, the pup’s disappearance was devastating to the family, especially for the son.

According to Natalie, the FedEx driver took Harley and then kept driving around to make deliveries. So, she contacted the CEO about the incident. It took two days for someone from FedEx to bring the dog home.

FedEx truck driving away

“I was shocked! Like, who puts a dog in a FedEx vehicle and then proceeds to ride around with her and just make deliveries?” Natalie said. “You made no attempt to reach out to anyone that you found a dog.”

When questioned, the FedEx driver assured everyone that they hadn’t stolen the dog. They saw the dog wandering alone, so they picked her up to make sure she didn’t get hit by a car. They explained that before they drove away, they asked neighbors if they knew where the dog lived.

Large Service Dog with Human

Should Someone Be Punished?

Helena Police Chief Brad Flynn said that the city has someone who responds to reports about lost dogs. The driver never called the police to alert them of the incident. While the investigation is ongoing, the driver is not making deliveries. It’s unclear if they’ll face any criminal charges.

“We understand the importance of service dogs in their owners’ lives and are highly disturbed by this reported behavior. This individual is no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground while we work with local authorities to investigate the incident. We will take appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation.” FedEx said in a statement.

FedEx truck leaving garage

Everyone in this situation just wanted what was best for the dog, so it’s important to acknowledge all perspectives. The family should’ve kept a closer eye on their dog or kept her confined to the yard, especially since the dog is so important to their son. Also, the delivery driver should’ve contacted authorities instead of taking matters into their own hands.

Hopefully, everyone involved learned something, no matter the outcome of the investigation. What matters most is that Harley is home safe and sound!

Featured Image: YouTube