Firefighters Rescue Dog That Stumbled 35 Feet Into Cave

Dogs get themselves into all kinds of crazy situations, and some are certainly more dangerous than others. In Tennessee, a hunting dog was on English Mountain when he fell into a cave that was 35 feet below him. It’s a miracle he survived, but he had no way of climbing out of the cavern.

Luckily, the dog didn’t have to wait long. The Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department (WCVFD) was quick to respond, and they helped save the terrified dog’s life. However, the rescue mission was just as difficult as you might imagine.

Man looking into cave

Dog Gets Trapped in Cave

A hunting dog named Storm met an unfortunate fate during his visit to English Mountain. It’s unclear why he was there and who he was with, but early in the morning, he faced a near-death experience.

Storm fell 35 feet into a shaft in the mountain, and he became trapped down there. Luckily, someone contacted the WCVFD, who quickly sent a rescue team to the mountain. The firefighters worked with the Sevier County Rescue Squad to pull the dog to safety.

Firefighter in cave

“A WCVFD high-angle rope rescue team descended into a cave to rescue a hunting dog that had fallen down a 35 feet shaft & was trapped in the cave,” the WCVFD wrote on Facebook. “WCVFD Rope Technicians Assistant Chief Schmidt and Captain Lanier along with Sevier County Rescue Squad Rope Technician Boroughs responded to the location on English Mountain at daybreak to plan and execute the rescue.”

A Unique and Heroic Rescue

The rescue team used a high-angle rope system to lower one of the firefighters into the cave toward the dog. They were able to gain Storm’s trust and put a harness on him to pull him back to safety. Luckily, the pup had no reported injuries.

Firefighters rescue dog

“They leveraged a high-angle rope system to enter the shaft, repel down, and locate the hunting dog, named Storm. The team was able to locate Storm, and place him in a harness and lift him to safety. Once the animal was safe the rescue climbers then climbed out of the cave and were raised up through the shaft,” WCVFD explained on Facebook.

The WCVFD added that they’re thrilled the dog made it out safely and that no one was harmed. English Mountain is located in the western foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and the peak of the mountain is 3,629 feet. So, it may be a difficult area for some dogs to hike. Of course, it’s always good to plan ahead and be cautious before hiking anywhere with your furry friend.

Featured Image: Facebook