Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Submerged Vehicle For 20 Minutes

Thanks to an incredible team of volunteer firefighters, a small dog survived in a submerged vehicle. After a car fell in the water, seemingly caused by a crash, the driver made it out safely, but their furry friend was still trapped inside.

Luckily, the pup found an air pocket to hide in, which helped him survive for longer than expected. The firefighters arrived just in time to save the little canine’s life. These heroes deserve so much recognition for their selfless hard work.

Wrecked car by water

Whimpering in the Water

The Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department in North Carolina received a call about a convertible sports car that had gotten into an accident and been submerged in the water. Firefighters responded to the call at about 1 am, and they saw the car flipped upside-down in a nearby canal.

The driver had managed to escape the vehicle before the firefighters arrived, but their dog was missing. When the firefighters inspected the submerged vehicle, they heard whimpering coming from inside. Somehow, the dog had squeezed under a floorboard to find an air pocket in the sinking car. The dog survived 20 minutes in that small air pocket of the vehicle.

Firefighters rescue dog

“Awesome teamwork to our volunteers and assistance from Lantz Towing. We immediately overturned the car to gain access. Even though the car was upside down in the water for 20 minutes, we recovered the dog under the dash floorboard where there was an air pocket,” the fire department wrote on Facebook.

Somehow, the dog managed to escape the accident with no severe injuries. The driver’s condition is unclear, but they are currently at a detention center.

Firefighters carrying dog

A Lot of Questions Unanswered

The firefighters did an incredible job saving the dog and retrieving the car. However, not much is known about the events leading up to the accident. They are unsure who caused the accident and how the car ended up in the water.

“The dog was rescued with no apparent injuries. North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and driver was taken to the detention center,” the fire department wrote.

Firefighters pull car out of water

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After pulling the vehicle out of the water, the firefighters noticed it had significant damage, especially on the back. They’ll be seeking information from the driver of the vehicle soon.

In the meantime, the driver’s family members have taken the dog into their care. So, the dog will be safe and loved while officials continue to investigate the situation.

Featured Image: Facebook