Flight Attendant Escorts Abandoned Senior Dog Cross-Country To His New Forever Family

Have you ever come across a rescue dog online you immediately wanted to adopt, only to learn the dog is too far from where you live? That’s what happened to a family in Baltimore when they discovered Patrick the Chihuahua.

Patrick was abandoned as a 9-year-old after he lost his sight and hearing and started to develop other medical issues. These kind people wanted to open up their hearts and home to a senior dog in need, but there was one major problem: Patrick resided at a shelter in Dallas, Texas, and they live in Baltimore, Maryland.


A Southwest Flight Attendant Volunteers To Go The Distance

All that kept Patrick from a loving family was 1,300 miles of distance. Fortunately, Dallas Pets Alive, the Texas non-profit that took in the senior Chihuahua, works with Southwest Animal Transport Team (SWATT) to transport homeless animals to second chances in other areas.

SWATT is comprised of Southwest Airlines employees who volunteer their time and apply their flight benefits to help relocate small dogs and cats. This group saves lives by bringing homeless pets from overcrowded areas to better rescue opportunities.


Transporting an animal across the country can be a complicated process. If there’s anyone who might know how to cut through the red tape, it’s someone who works for an airline.

Jonathan, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, is one of those dedicated volunteers. According to a statement from Southwest Airlines, Jonathan “used his time and flight benefits to fly Patrick from DAL to BWI and help unite him with his new family.”


Together, Jonathan and Patrick made the 3-hour trip to Baltimore, where the pup’s new parents eagerly awaited their arrival.

“Just look at the excitement of his new PAWrents in the photo! We are thrilled for his new beginning,” the SWATT Facebook page shared on May 11, 2022.

Thanks to Jonathan’s completely selfless actions and the several hours of personal time he committed, an abandoned dog now has a new family and a new home.

“Thank you Jonathan for taking such great care of precious cargo!!!” Dallas Pets Alive commented on Southwest’s Facebook post.

Patrick Is Thriving With His New Family

Patrick may be mostly blind and deaf, but he’s still a happy dog. He now has two human parents and two canine siblings in Baltimore.


Also responsible for this heartwarming ending is the person who fostered Patrick before he was able to get his lift with Jonathan to Maryland.

An update on the senior Chihuahua arrived via a note written from Patrick’s perspective (by his humans, obviously). The note described how content the pup is but also how grateful he feels for the foster mom back in Texas who gave him a chance.

“Dear Foster Mom,

Thanks for the ride of my life. Literally. Never in my 9 years did I expect to go on an airplane and fly into the arms of my new family. My life on the other side of the country has been incredible. I have 2 furry roommates and the most incredible parents. I can feel how much they love me. Leaving you was hard but you gave me a second chance at life and I will never forget.”

Volunteers and fosters are the best people.

Featured Image: Facebook